OPINION:“Can Money Buy Happiness?”


Steven Depolo

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Carolina Garcia, OwlFeed Opinion Reporter

First I wanna start off by saying the real question is, “can money buy happiness?” People sometimes ask me if money really matters to me as if I would choose it over me being happy or in love.  I honestly would say that money can not or I should say does not buy happiness because when you think about it money can do things for a lot of people but sometimes money isn’t what makes people happy. For example, look at all the famous people and imagine how happy they look when the cameras are on and then when they’re not on they can be a whole different person. Money can’t always solve the small broken pieces.  Sometimes people disagree with me such as some of my friends who seem to say that money can buy happiness and I would question it like why, which is because as they say “money is the only thing that would save my life and make me happy.” I think that just makes it more clear to say that their own mindset is only about money which is okay but in reality money comes and goes if we’re being honest here. I wanna be able to have a mindset saying that no matter what happens in the end when money runs out, maybe I’ll still be happy with my family and friends or just the loved ones we care about. When it comes to me I like to think about the positive side of me being happy with or without money just as we were when we were younger, so in those words why is it that now money is what matters to everyone?

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The main thing that I would say is don’t always just think about the way money can make you happy. Think about the pro’s and con’s of what can affect us in many ways. Money shouldn’t buy happiness; it can help us and give us a roof under our head, food to eat, and clothes to wear but can it really make us really happy? Money is what makes a big difference. It changes people’s lives in many, many ways. For example, My friend thinks money is the only thing that makes her happy because she thinks it heals her pain such as saying that she can go buy whatever she wants that will change her mood. Another friend of mine thinks that money doesn’t buy happiness because she thinks that money can’t seem to make her happy other than her friends and family and the stuff she’s grateful for. That proves to me very clearly that some people can be 50/50 when it comes to money buying happiness. Not only that but people start thinking about what matters to them rather than just money. That’s why it’s important to look at both sides on why money can make people happy and why it can’t make people happy because in reality money is what makes us and if we didn’t have it around us we wouldn’t be able to own the stuff we have.