Friday Night Lights


Photo Credit: Mr.Espinoza

Jay’vier Cook, OwlFeed Sports Reporter

High school football is easily one of the most popular sports in the world, bringing millions of fans together. Teens involved in high school sports typically gravitate towards football, as many places around the globe enjoy watching and being a part of high school football, such as states like West Virginia, Wyoming, Pennsylvania, and North Dakota. But…what’s the hype about? I’ll tell you about my experience. First, the football program at Agua Fria is amazing. My first year in high school was a blast; I’ve made countless friendships with friends, and peers. The game itself speaks volumes. The feeling you get when you’re on the field is unimaginable. It’s like you can feel the love from the crowd and your teammates. To be a part of something like that feels amazing, and makes you feel at home and loved. Through all the hardship I still have fallen in love with the game. The biggest thing I understood and had to adjust to was the sacrifice that comes with football. You can’t learn this overnight; it requires skills, composure, and discipline. A life lesson I’ve learned from this football program is no matter how hard life gets, never give up, just react and stay calm because there is always a way out. The biggest lesson I’ve learned from football here at Agua Fria was no matter what:  Honor First, Win or Lose.