Political Rants “Sarah Palin”

By: Alan Agundez Castillo

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PalinWhere should we begin with this little ball of bitterness? Sarah Palin is an interesting person in today’s politics here in the U.S. She is a former governor of Alaska and was a vice presidential candidate back in 2008. Now, she is endorsing Donald Trump and a bunch of other things that nobody cares about.

I really don’t know where to begin with this wonderful lady. The only good thing that I can think about her is that she is smart. If she was able to become a vice presidential candidate, and the governor of Alaska, she has to be pretty “smart”. Also that she is an important conservative figure, but, I’m a Democrat, so….

Sarah Palin is one interesting person with many different views on politics around the U.S. To be honest, I don’t really like her. I’m just putting it out there. She is one crazy lady and I wouldn’t trust her with any guns either. Right after she endorsed Donald Trump, I don’t know about her.

Palin 2Her views on many subjects raises a red flag for me, especially on guns. Also, the things that she said while endorsing Donald Trump were pretty innapropriate if you ask me, especially if she says “And then we bend over and say thank you enemy” and other things! Who in their right mind who say something like that! Then you go one into “stomping people necks!” Why!?


Palin also blamed Obama for her son being sent to prison because HE attacked HIS wife, and she said it is Obama’s fault. How in the world is it Obama’s fault?! Palin’s son knew what the consequences would be! There is no way it could have been Obama’s fault. Eugh! Conservatives these days!

*End Rant*