Spectacular Owls, Make Spectacular Throws


Photo Credit: Mr. Espinoza

Jesus Ortiz Gonzalez, OwlFeed Editor-In-Chief

The fans go crazy, and the school spirit is fantastic every time around this year. The ESS department hosts its amazing basketball game. This game is the most looked forward game of the whole school year, and includes our owl friends in the ESS department. This year, the game happened on Friday, 24, 2023. The second tickets went on sale, the lines started forming, and people rushed to get tickets for this fantastic game.

The morning of the game, the Agua Fria campus was ready to head to the new gym and witness one of the best games of the school year. During Owl Opportunity, people started to gather in front of the new gym. As soon as you walked in, you saw everything ready to go. The new gym has never been more red and filled with school spirit. People were ready to see this epic school game go on.

The school that the owls went up against was Buckeye Union High School, AKA the hawks. Once the game started, the baskets and passes began! The Owls tried their best to score and keep this going. However, Buckeye Union High School was getting ahead in points. Once halftime came, the Agua Fria cheer team came out and gave us a spectacular performance featuring amazing dancers from the ESS department. 

Once halftime was over, the tension was high. The crowd was ready to excite the players and get this win. Amazing sportsmanship was shown all throughout the game. The Owls were close to a win, but unfortunately, the Hawks got us by the tail and won the game. Though we didn’t get the win, what really matters is the support and pride that Agua Fria brought to the crowds. The ESS department always makes the Agua Fria campus show its true school pride, and we are so thankful for that. 

Thank you again, ESS department, for making such a fantastic and fun event possible!