Meet Algebra Teacher Mr. Zelaya

By – D’Randa Zelaya OwlFeed

This month we hope to highlight our school’s outstanding math department, which helps our students excel and become college and career ready. As an AP Calculus student I know my math teachers have helped me in more ways than one. So, lets celebrate our math department by getting to know them a little more.

Mr. Carlos Zelaya is new on campus and teaches Algebra I to our incoming freshman and enjoys it because of the things he learns from his students almost daily. He is so interested in the different points of view and the ways his students think, calling them “fascinating” because they sometimes think completely differently than he does. Teaching hails its own personal reward if you truly love what you do.

Zelaya became a math teacher to help the next generation with the problem-solving skills that are heavily practiced in mathematical courses. He hopes to relate his teaching to real life where these skills are very necessary for success. His goals for the year don’t include numbers, because he understands every student is different. He only aims for participation and effort in his personal teaching goals.

Zelaya is a graduate from UCLA and a proud Bruin as well as a member of Teacher of America. He encourages the use of technological advancements such as the smart board in his classroom to help keep the students engaged and thinking. He is very competitive and already claims to be the “best math teacher” on campus

Will he live up to the challenge? Check him out in J11.