Top Ten Shows To Binge Watch


By: Naomi Metoyer and Jaeden Andrade

Have you ever stuck on the couch scrolling through Netflix (Just me?), struggling in vain to find anything remotely interesting that you haven’t seen countless times before? Instead of watching reruns of Friends in a daze of boredom for the fiftieth time, look through our list of some gems you never even knew existed or perhaps looked over and missed out on.

    We’ve dug up the most binge-worthy shows on every platform available, from Hulu to HBO to Amazon, because wouldn’t it be refreshing to have a bigger variety than Stranger Things and Orange is the New Black?

  1. Bojack Horseman (Netflix)

    Coming in at the 10th spot is Bojack horseman. This show follows a washed-up actor named Bojack trying to get back on his feet in Hollywood, California. Bojack lives with his roommate Todd who Bojack loves/hates. Bojack also has a friend named Mr. PeanutButter who Bojack finds very annoying. The worst part is that Bojack is secretly in love with Mr. PeanutButter’s girlfriend.

    So the elephant in the room  (well in this case a horse) is that a lot of the characters are animals, they stand up on two feet and interact with others just like we do, if you don’t like that don’t worry there are plenty of human characters. In most occasions you forget what the characters actually are anyway.

The show makes fun of certain celebrities and different traits of Hollywood by either changing them to an animal or just twisting it into another direction. One interesting example is when they introduced Quentin Tarantino (who is a director of films such as Pulp Fiction and Kill Bill) into Quentin Tarantulino. I’m pretty sure it’s because he has made 8 great films and those are represented as the 8 legs (is that a stretch? I hope not).

  1. Skins (Netflix)

Who doesn’t love a British show? What with all the accents and humor, quality plot and more accents. One in particular will keep you glued to the TV screen.

Skins (UK) explores what it means to be a teenager through scenes full of awkward interactions, self exploration, and complex relationships. It will make you laugh at its bluntness, ugly cry at its realistic tragedies, and contemplate your own life while being submerged in another.

For teens especially, this show can hit close to home. It’s message is often very relevant to real world obstacles faced by teenagers and adults alike, countered by a light approach that keeps you invested while not being too hard on the material. It’s an easy binge watch (I might know) as you’ll find yourself clicking the next episode subconsciously. Though it’s not as high as others on the list, this series is a must.

  1. Daredevil (Netflix)

    This is the perfect show for comic book fans who love comic book accuracy. This show follows Matt Murdock , a blind lawyer in Hell’s Kitchen, New York.  During the day he’s an ordinary defense lawyer at the Nelson and Murdock Law Firm with his best friend Foggy Nelson, but at night he dresses up and fights the criminals of Hell’s Kitchen.

In the first season he faces off against the KingPin who basically wants control over Hell’s Kitchen but Daredevil isn’t gonna have it. The next season introduces more characters from the comic books such as The Punisher and Elektra.

    This show is connected to the Marvel cinematic universe and does reference the movies. They refer to what happened in the first Avengers movie as “The Incident”. There are other shows that are in the Marvel-Netflix universe (Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, Iron Fist) that also reference the movies. The four shows had their own team-up which is called The Defenders which is also worth your time.

  1. Awkward. (Hulu)

Another perfect show for teens all over is Awkward. The story follows Jenna Hamilton, an awkward and unpopular sophomore on the rise after a rumor about her spreads and the boy from summer camp starts looking her way again.

This humorous teen drama is the type of show you could spend an entire Saturday watching two seasons of and not feel ashamed whatsoever. With a shorter running time than most of the shows like it, Awkward captures the perfect mix of plot and comedy in half the time and twice the enjoyment.

This show is light, funny, and easily addicting. With the short episodes and suspenseful drama, it pulls you in from the start.

  1. The Get Down (Netflix)

The Get Down is on of the best – if not the best – shows on Netflix. This show is set in the Bronx in the late 70’s. You follow Ezekiel and his group of friends as they go to different parts of New York to be a great rap group.

The group meets a young dj named Shaolin Fantastic played by Shameik Moore, who you may remember from Dope. Through Shaolin, they meet legendary Dj Grandmaster Flash.  They eventually go on and meet other dj’s such as Dj Kool Herc and Afrika Bambaataa.

Ezekiel is also dealing with falling in love which in some cases interferes with his rapping. This show is split into two parts and each episode averages at about 52 minutes each. This show has a huge fanbase that are demanding a part 3, watch this show and you will too!

  1. Avatar: the Last Airbender (Amazon Prime)

You didn’t have a childhood if you never watched Avatar when you were growing up, someone wise once said. Well don’t fear: you still can! This versatile show about a bunch of young teens with nature powers (sorry Sokka, not you) saving the world from a century of war is one you can very much enjoy at any age.

This series, despite that it is a cartoon typically labeled for children, develops plots and characters older audiences can become easily immersed in. It touches on ideas that are relatable to all demographics while offering a deal of humor, complexity, and satisfaction.

Offering not only a great plot and cast, but nail-biting action and unmatched adventure as well, this is a show you could fill an entire weekend with.

  1. Buffy the Vampire Slayer (Netflix)

A young girl named Buffy Summers tries to be a normal girl in high school but her true destiny can get in the way sometimes, Can you guess what that destiny is? It’s slaying vampires (and demons). Buffy moves to a new school, Sunnydale High which might have a whole bunch of vampires laying around somewhere, just so you know.

   Now you may have heard people recommend this show to you countless times (I know I have) and you say you’ll watch it but you never do. If you have done that you should definitely get on Netflix right now and watch it because trust me, you’ll thank me later.

     This show establishes great relationships that really tug at your heartstrings and just won’t stop. You feel as though you have became one of Buffy’s best friends and trust me she’s great.

    A little bit of trivia for you, the group in Buffy the Vampire Slayer is called The Scooby Gang and in 2002 Sarah Michelle Gellar played as Daphne is The Scooby-doo movie. I mean they both busted vampires and other ghouls so it makes sense, right?

  1. Game of Thrones (HBO)

Well of course Game of Thrones had to be on the list! Perhaps the most successful and popular series in recent years, this show is strangely addicting. Despite the long episodes, this show is easy to get lost within.

Even the first season, the slowest of the series, is hard to pull away from. Don’t doubt the hype: this show will pull you in with no way out. Trust me.

Full of dark twists, political intrigue, and cutthroat action (literally), this one will keep you at the edge of your cushion and possibly the edge of exhaustion from watching it all night.

  1. Doctor Who (Netflix)

Even if you aren’t a world sized nerd, this show will keep your interests for hours. With enough wit to make even me jealous, the main character and premise of this show will draw you in episode after episode.

Following a time traveler from across the universe and his companions around the UK and a thousand galaxies might not sound fun for some people, but just wait: they’ll have you crying like a baby at least twice every season finale.

This show not only has a fantastic plot but strong female characters as well. Not just pretty faces, these women bring girl power to another level with their endless intelligence, adventure, and compassion.

Chock full of interweaving narratives, reeling plot twists, and clever characters, this show will keep you on your toes and unforgivingly invested.  

  1. Freaks and Geeks (Netflix)

    Are you a fan of James Franco? Seth rogen? Linda Cardellini? If you answered yes to any of those questions then you should watch this show to see how they got their starts. This show follows two groups: The Freaks and the Geeks (obviously).

The Freaks basically deal with being too cool for school 24/7 but underneath they all have their own problems. Lindsay (linda Cardellini’s character) chooses to hang out with the freaks even though everyone else doesn’t think it’s a good idea, given that she is a top Mathlete.

    Lindsay’s younger brother Sam, deals with being a freshman in the same high school as her sister. Same chooses to hang out with the Geeks who deal with not being cool enough for most scenarios. The Geeks also have to deal with bullies and Sam has to deal with seeing her sister around the Freaks.

    This show is maybe one of the best shows of all time that got canceled way too early. This show has 18 episodes sitting at 44 minutes a piece. You could definitely knock this show out in a weekend and then you will feel like you have to watch it every weekend prior.