Breakfast Club Pheonomena

By: Naomi Metoyer

The Brain. The Athlete. The Princess. The Criminal. The Basket Case.

High school at its most basic foundations, as laid out by The Breakfast Club 32 years ago in one of the most iconic coming of age movies of all time.

These five stereotypes resounded in the high schools of eighties kids, as did “Clueless” and “Dazed & Confuzed” did for the nineties kids, the infamous “Mean Girls” did for the kids of the 2000’s, and now movies like “The DUFF” will do for the newest of us.

But with these newer adaptations of the same old story, it bears the question all these modern movies seek to explore: “How real are these stereotypes? Are we still only a brain; a criminal; an athlete; a princess; a basket case?”

My answer yes, of course they are, but that’s not all there is to it.

breakfastclubAs society is now, people are not so oversimplified as they were in the eighties. The Brain at my school has three girls on his arm. The Princess is an addict. My school’s Basket Case is socialite captain of the cheer team. The Athlete is a math genius with a 4.0 GPA and The Criminal is going to college with scholarship money in his pocket.

There are no designated areas for lunch.There is no modelesque clique strutting down the halls in heels and prada bags making the little ones cower. There are no ‘bully groups” or spineless bystanders struck by fear. But it’s not perfect.

You still have to say the right things, wear the right brands, like the right people. You have to feel this way and agree with that, act this way for this reason and change yourself for that idea.

You can like things you couldn’t before because being a geek is cool. You can like makeup and sweatpants at the same time, dress up and still have fun.

But it’s not perfect. It’s shifted. In some ways the Breakfast Club scene has manifested into other outlets, such as things like social media, but that’s a story for another time.

So no, we are not just athletes or princesses, not simplified to just a criminal or a brain or a basketcase. We are all of them, each and every one of us, it’s all about what you see in yourself.