A Philosophical Debate: Is Santa Real?


By: Naomi Metoyer

Your friends lied to you, and I’m here to set the record straight: Santa is real.

Kris Kringle, Father Christmas, Saint Nick, Santa Claus. Born March 15th, 270. As defined by Wikipedia, “a legendary figure of Western Christian culture who is said to bring gifts to the homes of well-behaved… children on Christmas Eve.”

But how is he real? you ask. Well, you tell me.


It seems this debate is rather on the definition of real than it is upon the validity of Santa. And, in the face of this, I beg these questions: Is sound real to the deaf, an answer real to the ignorant, God real to the nonbeliever?

Why yes, of course these things are real, one is just unable to realize it. Right? But, to the deaf and the ignorant and the nonbeliever, they are not. Now this is a dilemma, but one so certain in human nature it is overlooked, turned black and white in pride and arrogance.

Who is one faithless person to dethrone a truth known to so many? Well, the same goes for this idea.

Santa may not be an old, fat white man obsessed with the color red, but he’s the random person who buys your coffee or the empathy you find in yourself when you help someone who needs it. Santa may be an idea. He may be a long ago story created to honor an important day. He may be nothing at all to you. But he is most definitely real.

Some of us believe in God, a man who sits in the clouds and watches over us all. Some of us believe in many such beings, all of a different affinity. Some of us believe in aliens and conspiracy theories, witchcraft, spirits and an afterlife. We believe in the abstractness of ideas like love and hate, of which we have no proof. We believe in legends and myths, monsters and angels. Real is abstract. Real is objective.

No matter what you call him (the Giver of Gifts, Maker of Lists, King of the Pole.. Mom, Dad, Kevin from the cubicle over), he is real. In every act of human kindness and every smile from a stranger, every gift and every breath. He may not be what you can see or feel or know, but he is a spirit of an entire history, and an inspiration to new generations. No skepticism will change that.