Prom Night For Agua Fria

By: Naomi Metoyer
OwlFeed Journalist

This past Saturday, Agua Fria students and staff hit the dance floor at the Chateau Luxe for our high school’s 2018 prom dance.

“Be Our Guest” said the prom tickets, alluding to the Beauty and the Beast theme of the event. And some such guests had much to say about Saturday night’s activities.

On all accounts, this night was very much reminiscent of the Disney movie it was based on. One major contributor to this dazzling night of fun and dance was of course the gorgeous venue, graciously provided by the organizers of the event.

Sparkling glass doors towered over us as we entered. Chandeliers ran high on the ceilings, glittering off the shine of far off walls and red carpeted floors throughout the darkened ballroom. In the front, near the building’s entrance, a pristine sitting and greeting area stood with drinks and desserts adorning the center table, photo areas tucked into the back, and luscious couches sprinkled about.  

“It made me feel high class,” joked Jojo Escobar, junior here at Agua Fria. “It was different,” he said, and liked it a lot. Rochelle Peterson, also a junior, agreed with this, saying that she “loved the venue” and that it was extremely pretty.

Rochelle commented saying that she really enjoyed the fact that the pictures were free. Upon entering the domed building, the both of us received free photo vouchers and subsequently went over to pose in front of a beautiful backdrop.

“All the teachers had a good time, but there wasn’t as much dancing as I expected,” Mr. Dobson, prom chaperone and U.S. history teacher at Agua Fria said of Saturday’s dance. “And nobody got kicked out, so that was good.”

Dobson said that he enjoys “building relationships with the students and being able to see them on a social level, not just when they’re just focused on failing or passing.” When asked if he wished to participate again, he said “absolutely, for as long as I’m here.”

Mr. Dobson, Jojo, and Rochelle all agreed, however, that they wished the music could have been better as to encourage more people to dance. But despite the music, the three all had a blast.

“Yeah, for sure” said Jojo when asked if he wanted to attend 2019’s version of prom. Rochelle was also adamant about her desire to attend prom her senior year as well, saying she’d “be so down.”