Meet Elijah Carson

By Miranda Cavada
OwlFeed Journalist

Meet Elijah Carson, an Agua Fria sophomore who is eager to start his position as a news reporter for Owl Feed. Although he originally applied for a higher position, he plans to fulfill his duties by finding relevant articles for students to read and keeping in touch with current events. In this class, Elijah is determined to get writing experience for his future career as a journalist.

Elijah loves to read and write in his free time, specifically the horror genre. He is a proud Scorpio and identifies as asexual. After high school, he plans to attend college, get a degree doing what he loves, and overall do what’s best for himself throughout his life. In 5-10 years in the future, Elijah wants to have written at least one book and become successful with his family.

One of the most significant moments of his life was when he listened to his first ever song, which was “Girlfriend” by Avril Lavigne. This is where his love for music came into play. Celebrating his birthday is an integral part of his life as well since he gets to spend time with his family. The death of his uncle impacted him, as that was the time when he was introduced to the idea of death and had to accept that it was just a part of life.

A role model for Elijah would have to be his great-grandmother, whom he describes as kind, sweet, and selfless. Sadly, she passed this summer, but her memory will always stay in her great-grandson’s heart.

As a journalist, Elijah holds an interest in writing about serious news topics, informative stories, and occasional opinion articles. Basically, he is open to writing about anything but sports. However, like anybody with a passion, there are some roadblocks that often obstruct him from reaching success. “Depression gets in the way,” he said regarding weaknesses when it comes to writing.

He also struggles with self-worth issues, which affect his confidence in himself and his writing integrity. On the bright side, Elijah has an advantage with being skilled in grammar and word choice, giving his stories an interesting perspective that anybody could understand. His experience with reading the news also helps his credibility, as readers are more likely to trust an educated journalist.

Elijah offers a very unique perspective to the ambient of Agua Fria High School. He refers to it as a school that “does education correctly” and is generally “doing just fine as a school.” Although there tends to be a lot of cliques and is nerve-wracking for some, this school has potential in granting its students the success they deserve.

To be an Owl, to him, is to be a part of something greater than yourself. It’s about being a part of a community, or for some, even a second family. An Owl is capable of being a role model for future generations, just as the previous Owls were to us.