Why Journalism is Essential

By: Bryan Cornelio
OwlFeed Journalist

With recent events, the press and journalism have become prevailing topics with the public. This ranges from the problems occuring around the Saudi journalist who was killed to fake news that Trump continuously brings up. These controversies have highlighted the important attributes that journalism holds both to the public and to society as a whole.

With today’s political climate, it’s not unusual to recognize how the press is put in a bad light. Nowadays, people often label news as something not to be trusted and let this notion stray them away from listening to news in general.

Although with all things considered, the overall purpose and values of the press have introduced great things into our lives. The media has become a major pillar in our society, serving a dominant role in our practice of democracy.

With how things are now in the current state of social media, it’s often discussed to be in need of changes to cater to a more suitable and sensitive audience.

Agua Fria’s journalism teacher and former journalist Joshua Jovanelly stated how he believes that, “..that’s probably one of the most dangerous things that could happen in a democracy. If further limitations and forms of censorships were pushed we would need a lot of people to go against that because at that point democracy would cease to exist.”

Journalists don’t only take on the job of a messenger but also provide both checks and balances for how the government works and distributes the current state of how politics is going on nowadays.

press“They keep the people in power accountable,” Jovanelly continued. “There’s a reason that both [political] parties have combative relationships against the press. It’s the responsibility of the press to ensure that people are informed. The press just connects people and help humans understand each other.” He further expressed how he believes that outside of having the right to vote the press is an essential concept to exist for a democracy to properly function.

Journalism is a necessary tool for the people not only for communication but to aid and help each other. It’s a concept that allows the public to be interconnected and overall speak certain truth. It’s a concept that will continue being corrupted to an extent but it’s our responsibility to keep it going and look into issues that really matter.

“Journalism allowed me to look at things in a different way. It’s been of real help in getting expressing points across and allowed me to practice qualifying all sides of an issue,” Editor in Chief of OwlFeed Naomi Metoyer stated. With her experience in this position she’s expressed not only having improved her communicating skills as a writer but also portrayed how it gave her plenty of opportunity to mold and grow her leadership qualities.

Metoyer expresses how important and necessary journalism is. It’s something that connects the world as a whole and allows for an explicit view over aspects that’s typically not touched upon.

Journalism is something that brings out topics that would normally be ignored, and places emphasis on issues that we as a society need to face. This could range from the notion of political differences to social conflicts.

One way or another, journalists and the media alike serve as a way for us to be interconnected and help each other out.

Freedom of the media allows not only for security and balance against the government but also an available platform in disastrous times that the world faces. This can range from the wars that many individuals are stuck in, the storms and natural disasters leaving many homeless, and the overall prejudice covering the world as a whole.

Journalism initiates a conversation and it helps people think. Without it, society wouldn’t be as progressive and aware of how the world really is.