Is There Another You Out There? Examining the Theory of the Multiverse

By: Miranda Cavada
Owlfeed Journalist

Let’s get deep and explore the mystery that is the universe we call home. Where did we come from? Are we alone in being the only intelligent life forms? And most mind-boggling of all, are there other worlds out there beyond ours?

parallel-universesWe can first base this question off of our origin. Whether or not you believe in creationism, there is evidence which theorizes that the universe came from an explosion known as the Big Bang. Expansion from the redshift of distant galaxies and the cosmic microwave background likely resulted from the tiny dot that appeared at the birth of our universe. It has been getting larger and cooler for 13.772 billion years, and who knows when it’ll cease to exist? The fate of the cosmos is a different discussion, because something else scientists and philosophers alike have been wondering is the possibility of another.

“The observable universe might be 46 billion light years in all directions from our point of view, but there’s certainly more, unobservable universe, perhaps even an infinite amount, just like ours beyond that,” writes Trend in Tech.

I personally believe in two possibilities: either our sole universe expands infinitely without end or it stops at some point, far from the observable realm, where another one begins. In that other universe is another dimension that breaks the laws of physics and a world beyond human imagination where there are colors we can’t see and geometric shapes we can’t comprehend. Maybe there’s another life form just like ours, or maybe life exists in a different form. Whatever it may be, we’ll probably never quite know in our foreseeable future, so the mystery remains unsolved.

Still, it’s interesting to analyze how a multiverse, if it were to exist, could contain an endless amount of variations from our own. We can’t speculate exactly how it would look like or function, but then again, our very own universe is difficult to grasp without understanding quantum theory. What we think we know is just a speculation, not the complete truth. We don’t have the answers.

“Every possible combination of physics is tried out across the multiverse,” according to the Guardian. “Inevitably then, by nothing more than blind luck, at least one will have the conditions we see around us today. It’s just a big old accident, and that hardly seems very satisfying.”

It’s anticlimactic to think of our existence as an accident, isn’t it? We desire to be important and to have a purpose in this life we had no say in living in. If we think of it cynically, we’re not special in any way. We’re just a tiny speck of dust floating somewhere within this uncaring universe. However, if I’ve learned anything about our purpose just from studying the universe’s secrets, it’s that life truly is what we make of it.

We’re all in charge of our destiny no matter what you think we were meant to do when the first organism appeared on Earth.

The Guardian reminds us, “Comfortingly, if we do live in a multiverse, we can be assured that somewhere out there is an alternate version of you and me that have already figured this all out.”