Freshman and Senior Headline New Agua Fria Play

By Alan Agundez Castillo & Sarah Loya

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(Left to Right) Alan AgundezCastillo, Ziannay Arellano, Felicia Jeppe
(Left to Right) OwlFeed Alan AgundezCastillo, Ziannay Arellano, Felicia Jeppe

Agua Fria Theater is presenting the play Get Smart on the evenings of Nov. 4, 5, and 6 at the auditorium. This play is a wonderful mixture of old school comedy and modern comedy.  

Mr. Gonzalez, the director of the play, was the one that came up with the idea of Get Smart. Since this is his first year here at AFHS, he decided to do a comedy so it would be easy for the audience and students to understand.

“I really hope that everybody comes out of it having fun and that the audience has fun with it,” Mr. Gonzalez said.

The play features Joseph Perez (senior) and Felicia Jeppe (freshman) as the main protagonist and antagonist. Perez plays the role of Maxwell Smart who is the main character of the production. Felicia plays Ms. Big, the main villain who is head control of the evil group called Chaos.

The production members and cast all hope that the theater will be filled with people when

Alan AgundezCastillo and Mr. Gonzalez
Alan AgundezCastillo and Mr. Gonzalez

the lights turn off next week.

Many actors in theater are from all ages ranging from freshmen to seniors.

Perez, who will graduate next spring, feels pretty sad as this might be the last production he might have as a main character. “It is my last show ever so it might be the last show performance on the main stage so it does take a toll on you,” he said.

However, Jeppe is a freshmen and it is her first major performance. “Its my first big production, my first school play and it is nice to meet new people,” Jeppe said.

You might have seen some theater promos all over the hallways in school. It was done by the PR team which involves Ziannay Arellano. “We put pictures around the school advertising the play and without that not even a fraction that shows up would even show up,” Arellano said.

Alan AgundezCastillo and Joseph Perez

Start buying your tickets for presale from your fellow theater club Owls. They are $5 pre-sale and at the door on the nights of Nov 4, 5, and 6. The play starts at 7 p.m.