OPINION:Ambition and Determination


Photo Credit: nbcnews.com

Darryl Taylor, OwlFeed Opinion Reporter

Why has the world lost ambition and determination? It seems like there are a fleeting amount of people who want to excel and challenge themselves. No one wants to be great and put in the effort needed to be great. We have dreams and desires for our life and future but they can’t come true if we are not putting in 100% effort. 


At schools across the world, there are boys and girls who put no effort into their work. Of course that is their choice, your choice to make. But the point of this article is to encourage and persuade you to change your ways, and way of thinking. In school having a better mindset can be seen as having a good work ethic. What is a good work ethic? The Merriam Webster Dictionary describes it as: a belief in work as a moral good : a set of values centered on the importance of doing work and reflected especially in a desire or determination to work hard. Spherion in their article, A STRONG WORK ETHIC WILL TAKE YOU PLACES! says, “Individuals with a strong work ethic derive greater satisfaction from their work because they are fully engaged in what they are doing every day”. Perhaps this is why many students hate school, you are here for hours on end doing tasks you believe and think to be useless, a waste of time. Though sometimes what you are learning won’t be useful for yourself in the future, know that putting no effort into your work will negatively affect your whole mindset. But doing the work, engaged and with a great amount of effort will help you to have satisfaction from your work. Making you happy and giving you a confident mindset.


The simple truth is and will remain that doing manual labor with ambition and the desire to do the job with excellence lets you feel pleasure and gratification afterward. Working genuinely hard in the backyard and then coming inside to eat a snack gives you such a great peaceful feeling of gratification. George Horace Lorimer once said, “You’ve got to get up every morning with determination if you’re going to go to bed with satisfaction.” You’ve got to get up with determination and put it to use in having a productive day. And at the end you will have peace in that. 


I’ve heard it said, an easy life breeds weakness, so challenge yourself, academically, physically and mentally. With discipline, ambition and determination you can reach your full potential and accomplish your goals. Make sacrifices now to have the future you desire. Regardless of feeling, do something productive and helpful to change your life.