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Alexo88, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons
Pinterest Logo Alexo88, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Pinterest is everywhere and anywhere, people use it for recipes and decor. So, what happens when people use it for outfit inspiration and do it for their outfits daily? Wonderful outfits are created, some that show the person’s personality and vibe, so let’s take a deep dive into outfits inspired by Pinterest!!!

Aaliyah Villela (Zoe Perez)

Aaliyah Villela is our Lifestyle Editor here on theowlfeed! Always wears her vibrant outfits showing her personality through them, and is always a joyful person and a great podcast member but also just a genuinely fun person to be around and talk to. Aaliyah says “Pinterest lowkey did help with my outfit today”, she has tones of green, beige, and white on her complimenting her dark brown hair. This is a great example of how Pinterest can contribute to not only what we wear but how it compliments one’s undertones and personality!






D’Khotah (D’khotah)

D’Khotah is an Agua Fria sophomore who is both a badminton and tennis player! She is a very hyper and funny person to be around, when it comes to her outfit she says that it gives her “nostalgia back to 7th grade” times when she most enjoyed the “skater aesthetic”. For example, on Pinterest you see many different aesthetics all matching to a hobby, in this picture it would be a skater! Now you DON’T have to be a skater to wear this outfit D’Khotah is wearing but according to social media that’s how it is shown



Melea Gaskins (Zoe Perez)





This is Melea Gaskins, previously a guest on our journalism podcast and a News Reporter on, to be around her is wonderful! Her outfit has a good combination of colors which are beige and black, Every outfit coordinates with what she is feeling, always wearing a lot of accessories and combining them. Pinterest is a big platform so anyone including Mel can and did use it. Such a bright person reflected in her outfit, I hope to see more of her outfits and how she styles them with the help of Pinterest!






Eliana Gonzalez

This is Eliana one of my very good friends, for her “informal XV photoshoot”, Pinterest was her best friend and she says “I explored Pinterest for inspiration blending vaquera and urban style, I curated pieces to create a unique ensemble that made me feel comfortable and beautiful. This outfit reflected my personality!” I love that so much because knowing her, her outfits throughout the year have always shown who she is.




Zoe Perez (Me!) (Zoe Perez)


This is me, usually, all of my outfits have some Pinterest in them, I wanted to try out the comfy sweatpants and oversized hoodie with a graphic on it, hoodies with “New York” or any other place have been a BIG obsession. That obsession obviously came from Pinterest, and it can really alter who you are but clothes are a big way of how you present yourself always. Although some days it may be hard to find outfits for schools or events, I take a look at Pinterest and it could be a lot of help!

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