2020-2021 Staff

Photo credit: Tiana Gonzalez
OwlFeed Opinion Reporter

Tiana Gonzales

This is Tiana Gonzales. She is 15 years old and is very open minded about learning new things.  Tiana chose to take journalism because she has always been told she is a great writer and she really wants to see if she would be...

Raheemat Alade
OwlFeed News and Media Editor

Raheemat Alade

Raheemat Alade, or as some people call her Ray, is a happy, strong-minded, and adventurous person. She is a returner to the OwlFeed News team and is ready to spend her senior year in one of her favorite classes.  Ray was ...

Sam Lopez
Owlfeed Sports Editor

Sam Lopez

With a brand new semester comes a brand new year of Journalism, and with that new year, comes new and returning reporters. Speaking of returning reporters, this is what you need to know about Sam Lopez. Sam is a senior here ...

Photo Credit: Victor Saldivar Gonzalez
OwlFeed News Reporter

Victor Saldivar Gonzalez

It’s not often you meet people that are very humble, hardworking, and kind. However, Victor is most definitely all three! He is a 16-year-old sophomore here at Agua Fria and is brand new to the journalism class with the start...

Anna Salinas
Owlfeed Lifesyle Reporter

Anna Salinas

It’s dark and the only light breaking through is from a morning sunrise. As it rises it displays a beautiful orange while the whole world is still and silent. If this moment were to be a person it would be the harmonious Anna...

Jacob Coleman
Owlfeed News Reporter

Jacob Coleman

Jacob Coleman is a senior at Agua Fria and a newcomer to the OwlFeed family this year.  He was born and raised here in Arizona and plans on never leaving in the future. As the youngest of three children, he has brothers name...

Araceli De La Torre Marin
OwlFeed News Managing Editor

Araceli De La Torre Marin

“Stubborn.” One word that Araceli may call herself, but when exploring her world, you may see a wonderful world full of personality!  When looking at the facts, Araceli De La Torre Marin may seem like your regular 16-...

Elijah Carson
OwlFeed Editor-in-Chief

Elijah Carson

OwlFeed Editor-in-Chief Elijah Malachi Carson is a man with a passion for writing and a dream to become an author.   Elijah has written stories about various types of news. He’s written about politics, controversies, a...

Photo credit: Daniel Tarrango
OwlFeed Sports Reporter

Daniel Tarrango

Meet Agua Fria’s own Daniel Tarrango, a high school rapping super star also known as “Drippy Shark.” This 16 year old has started his career young and is making a run for it.  Daniel is a junior here at Agua Fria. He has...

Photo Credit: Gina Gonzales Rodriguez
OwlFeed News Reporter

Gina Gonzales Rodriguez

Many things come to mind when I think of the name Gina Gonzales Rodriguez. One would have to be how can I completely immerse you into the mind of such a breathtaking individual.  Well, the truth is I can't thoroughly submer...

Photo Credit: Caylie Savage
OwlFeed Media Editor

Bella Tarzia

Introducing you all to Bella Tarzia, a 17-year-old senior at Agua Fria. Bella was born on April 2nd, 2003. She's been going to Agua Fria all four of her high school years.  Bella played volleyball for both Agua Fria and her outside of th...

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