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Zoe Perez
Opinion Editor

Zoe Perez

There are many students in Agua Fria but only one I've met that was incredibly passionate about wanting the world to be able to hear her. Someone who is insanely crazy about ranting how people should have the opportunities to learn...

Photo credit: Julianna Martinez
Sports Reporter

Julianna Martinez

Julianna Martinez, a calm yet fun soul with a good taste. She’s nice with a bit of a lower tone when you first come across her but if you get to know her, she’s a pretty cool gal. Her energy level and mood can change depen...

Photo credit: Jesus Ortiz Gonzales
News Reporter

Jesus Ortiz Gonzalez

Have you met a friend that gives judgemental vibes but that friend is not judgemental at all? If not then meet Jesus! Jesus is seen as a judgemental person based on his appearance toward his friends, however, he explained to me as ...

Photo credit: Nova Washington
Lifestyle Reporter

Nova Washington

What do you think of when you hear the word “sweet”? Do you think of chocolate, strawberries, or perhaps a certain person? Well, Nova Washington's friends think of the word sweet, they think of her. Nayanna “Nova” W...

Photo credit: Jenielle Sephia Bongo
Sports Editor

Jenielle Sephia Bongo

It was honestly a great opportunity to interview a person like Jenielle, a junior here. As we were having a conversation, a smile was brought to my face seeing her act affectionate, and cheerful the whole time. Even when there...

Photo credit: Ivan Estrada Castillo
Sports Reporter

Ivan Estrada

As the school year starts and students start pouring into Agua Fria. We get to know new people around the school. One person that I was fortunate to meet this year is Ivan Estrada Castillo. Ivan is a Junior this year and is re...

Photo credit: Taylor Williams-Aguirre
Lifestyle Reporter

Taylor Williams-Aguirre

This is Taylor Williams. She is a senior and she is 17 years old. She was born and raised here in Arizona but loves Louisiana. The reason Taylor joined journalism was because she needed another class. Taylor is a lifestyle re...

Photo credit: Skylar Lytle
Lifestyle Reporter

Skylar Lytle

Everyone, meet our Leo king,  Skylar Lytle. He is a sophomore here at Agua Fria and he is a Lifestyle reporter in the Owl Feed! He was born on August 20, 2007. Skylar is the youngest of  3, he has an older brother and older...

Photo credit: Isabel Munoz
News Reporter

Ruby Marquez

There are many instances in our present time where the world feels dark, cruel, and full of misery. Where many people are divided by conflicts, being taught to hate and to be unkind to one another, on top of other numerous issues...

Photo credit: David Shaw
Sports Reporter

David Shaw

This young athlete is dedicated to his dreams, and I don't see anything that could get in the way of him. David is wherever there is a ball, where there is a court, and wherever there is a challenge, David is there to meet it. D...

Photo credit: Canaan Mobley
Opinion Columnist

Canaan Mobley

From playing basketball on the streets to being a great columnist and editor in the opinions section at the Agua Fria OwlFeed, Canaan has distinguished himself in everything he does. Although he is still a teenager, he claims t...

Photo credit: Aylen Villasenor
News Reporter

Aylen Villasenor

WHO IS SHE? Aylen Villasenor is a senior year student which would say she is a full fledged adult at 18 years of age who is very mature and respectful towards herself, time, and other people.  SCHOLARLY DEDICATION Her reasoning ...

Photo credit: Aubria Ware
Lifestyle Reporter

Aubria Ware Ngamie

As an Owl one best thing to have on campus is someone that always has good energy and always has a smile on their face. When you have that person on campus, everyone is always happier when they see that someone like Aubria ca...

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