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Jesus Ortiz Gonzalez

Jesus Ortiz Gonzalez, Editor-in-Chief

When being asked to describe a person most people would use the words kind, smart, caring, and hard-working but when having to describe Jesus Ortiz Gonzalez these words don’t come close to perfectly describing his persona. Jesus is currently a junior at Agua Fria High School along with also being a Student Council Representative and Owls News Feed Editor and Chief. 

Before coming to Arizona he grew up in no other Palm Springs, California, or as he called it “Hollywood's Playground”. He experienced a form of culture shock at the age of 13 when moving from a touristy town to what he would consider a small town named Avondale, Arizona. When trying to start his new beginnings at Agua Fria he had experienced a bit of a setback. Agua Fria wasn’t able to accept any of his old records from his prior schools meaning he had to start completely from scratch. 

He had to be put into all the basic level classes along with extension classes to test his skills in said subjects. Going through these experiences definitely helped him grow and pushed him to be more involved and outgoing. This brings us to the reason why Jesus had decided to join the Student Council. Jesus had said, “It’s fun, it just seems so fun. It feels like I’m actually doing something in school, then just observing the people doing something.”. He expressed how in Student Council feels “so me”, in the sense of being “talkative, out there, and extraordinary”. To put it in a few words his high school experience has been an interesting 3 years for him.

But, Jesus’s high school experience it’s not the only interesting thing about him. Did you know that after high school he plans to move to L.A. and attend UCLA USC, majoring in communications, and after going to law school to become a human rights or imagination lawyer? Even though he has his future already planned out Jesus has emphasized the point that his goal is to have fun while he is still young and enjoy the young adult life after high school. 

He is an extremely work-devoted person, but even now he still sets time aside to live his life. He had said, “I love, love, LOVE to go out, love to go out, like have the ability to just be like when I wanna go somewhere, to go somewhere, dress up cute, go to a fancy restaurant, my typa night.”. Even though he talks about how much he loves going out, he does love to have a routine and balanced life to even it out.

He is one of the most interesting and complex people you will meet and you will never have a dull moment when around him. Constantly keeping you on your toes with conversations in the best way possible. Jesus is the friend that you will always come back to when you need a little spice in your life

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