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Have you met a friend that gives judgemental vibes but that friend is not judgemental at all? If not then meet Jesus! Jesus is seen as a judgemental person based on his appearance toward his friends, however, he explained to me as not being judgemental in any way but he only judges people on how they act kindly.

Jesus was born in Palm Springs, California. He also visited Los Angeles many times as Palm Springs is only two hours away from LA. He also informed me that Palm Springs has many tourist attractions. In addition, Jesus is the youngest of one older brother. He describes him as very controlling and annoying. But somehow he sees his older brother as somewhat similar to him but also not.

Jesus would love to be a lawyer as he is really into law.

He has one dog as a pet which is an English bulldog. He also funnily described his dog by saying, “He has Kim Kardashian attitude and Rob Kardashian body”.

His favorite music artist at the moment is an American R&B singer named SZA, also known as Solána Imani Rowe. 

Jesus' current addiction is his phone as he uses it regularly. He is also just attached to it.

Fun fact: Jesus originally came to the journalist class by being transferred from another class during his freshman year in his first semester. He also wants to participate in journalism so he could write at his paste. And he wants to write clever ways to express himself and others. Furthermore, he had no other interest in any other elective classes but journalism.

His roles this semester will be editor-in-chief, news reporter, and media reporter.

Jesus is a person who enjoys watching shows and movies that relate to other people's life. One movie he enjoys and loves is a movie called “Hidden Figures”. This movie is about three African-American women who used to work at NASA and are now responsible for John Glenn being sent into orbit.

Jesus' best way of learning is hands-on learning because it gives him the ability to control what he does. It also allows him to learn from his mistakes.

After high school, Jesus wants to become a lawyer as he is into law. He also wants to live in Los Angeles and live very wealthy. Furthermore, he is seeking someone special to be in a relationship with him.

Jesus also has a college in mind after high school. The college he wants to attend is the University of California or UCLA for short, which is located in Los Angeles. “UCLA is? the number one public university in the United States”, he said. This is why he would like to attend this university as it is one of the top public universities in the United States (repetitive?). He is also interested in the environment held there.

Once you get to meet Jesus you could simply ask some questions about his lifestyle and his interests, and you can tell that all things he said here are true. While interviewing Jesus he was very proactive and funny, but not so judgemental as he is not a judgemental person. 

However, to know more about Jesus than just reading this article about him, you will just have to meet him yourself.

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