The March madness of Russia and Ukraine

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Jesus Ortiz Gonzalez, OwlFeed Editor-In-Chief

One year later, Russia and Ukraine are still at it. This war has been one of the most modern wars we have seen in a long time. It has worsened, the tides have turned, and Ukraine’s resistance has been firm and constant. It is affecting the world! Causing conflicts and resolutions around the globe. The last time OwlFeed covered the Russia and Ukraine war was May 5th, 2022. A lot has happened since we posted, from more deaths to Ukraine getting back territory from the Russians. 


Let us begin with Ukraine’s recovery of land. Russia took control of many lands on the east side of Ukraine at the beginning of the war. Russia being a big and mighty country, had a significant advantage. At first, they took over key points on the border of Ukraine and Russia. This gave Russia a considerable advantage in getting into Ukraine. However, one thing that Russia did not realize was the immense setback that Ukraine had in store for Russia. As of March, Ukraine had taken over 54%  of the land that it lost from Russia, according to Scott Reinhard from The New York Times.


As Russia keeps losing land, the more it gets violent. It has sent countless missiles to Ukraine. It targets hospitals, schools, training facilities, military facilities, and big cities. It is not just missiles that Russia has sent. It’s drones and fighter jets that have been creating hell in Ukraine. “President Volodymyr Zelenskiy claims Russia has launched 8,000 air strikes and fired 4,500 missiles throughout the war. He vows the attacks will not break Ukraine’s spirits,” The Guardian reports. President  Zelenskiy also says, “To hear the enemy’s anthem on our land is scarier than the enemy’s rockets in our sky.”

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Through the war, many have suffered. The people that suffered the most were the people of Ukraine. They have to put up with many things that one should not have to go through. At the beginning of the war, many had to deal with air raids, bombings, and even being captured by Russian forces. 


The Washington Post did a segment called “Ukrainians reflect on a year of loss, unity, and fear.” In this segment, they interviewed people from Ukraine and explained how the war had affected them. Leonid Rymyha was a doctor who ran an underground resistance when Russian forces captured his city. He worked from inside the hospital where he worked, helping citizens. However, he was captured by Russian troops. Soon Russian forces would withdraw from his city. Soon he returned to helping people and even going on the front line across the Dnieper River. Leonid Rymyha told The Washington Post, “I believe in a positive future … People who stayed here didn’t intend to leave. That gives me energy.”


As time goes by, this war gets more complicated and dangerous. Many Ukrainian citizens have tried to claim asylum in countless countries. Many have been attempting to seek safety within neighboring countries. “After the war started in Ukraine on February 24th, 2022, many refugees and asylum seekers were forced to flee again, seeking safety, protection, and assistance. Says, The United Nations Refugees Agency, “In the first five weeks, more than four million people, both Ukrainians and refugees to Ukraine, as well as persons who had been seeking asylum in Ukraine, crossed borders into neighboring countries, and many have been forced to move inside the country.” 


Though this war is happening between two countries, its effects have sent global shock waves. Sweden and Finland were countries affected by the start of the war; Sweden and Finland stayed neutral throughout history. However, now that the war has started, they have applied to be members of NATO, leaving their natural status behind. This is the first time since the cold war that countries have had to pick a side: to help, Urinate or not help. 


Countries like the USA have aided Ukraine by sending weapons to counteract Russia’s actions. The US alone has spent 75 Billion dollars on helping Ukraine! According to the Council on Foreign Relations, much of that money goes to weapons and equipment. Many countries have pitched in as much as they can help Ukraine.


As time goes by, war has endless possibilities. Even with so many things going on, we still know one thing, this war has many consequences.