Meet your Student Body President Gerry Miranda!

By: Esli Soto Vega – OwlFeed

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IMG_6385Ever since he joined student council his freshmen year, Gerry Miranda dreamed of becoming Agua Fria’s student body president. To his surprise, this dream has become a brilliant reality, and he simply could not be more excited for the 2015-2016 school year.

As president, Miranda is expected to “make sure everything in the council runs smoothly, and to keep the council running smoothly.”

Naturally, keeping everyone happily productive is not an easy task. “One of the hardest part of being in STUCO is making sure everyone is doing something at all times so they don’t slack off,” Miranda said.

Although it is difficult to work with about 35 other student leaders, Miranda claims his team works very effectively together, and that the product of their work is always something worthwhile.

Ideally Miranda, as president, “plans on getting the student body’s ideas and putting them in action. A lot of times STUCO only does what STUCO thinks is best, but it’s time for them to put to action what the student body thinks is best.”

“If people want it, STUCO will try to get it,” he said.

As a result of using student ideas, Miranda hopes to make the school campus a more enjoyable place to be and hopefully encourage more student participation at games, club events and of course, spirit weeks.

Overall, Miranda is really proud to of this school and “loves” that he gets to represent the student body. So please, do not hesitate to stop by and talk to him about any ideas or even concerns you have. He is always accessible at the pep rallies, by the speakers during lunch time, and on Twitter or Instagram.

And in the words of your student body president don’t forget to #BeAnOwl! “To be an Owl means to have pride in everything you do and represent your school in the best way,” Miranda said.