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The Student News Site of Agua Fria High School


The Student News Site of Agua Fria High School


Welcome Our Owls!!!
Athziri Ortiz
Athziri Ortiz
Lifestyle Reporter

Make way, she's coming through!!! Ever thought of meeting someone so courageous it makes you look up to them? Maybe you have, but not like Athziri! Let’s rather focus on meeting this person, so gentle...

Photo credit: Gavin Sanchez
Gavin Sanchez
Lifestyle Reporter

Here at Agua Fria, there are many types of students with so much to say. But rather than focusing on one person, let’s focus on first-year student Gavin Sanchez. As a fellow Agua Fria High School...

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Roswell Crash: UFO or Weather Balloon?

By:Yamilette Resendez
OwlFeed Journalist
On June 14, 1947, a UFO crashed just south of Roswell, New Mexico. A rancher witnessed what had happened and contacted the Sheriff’s Office. During that time period, there was an oddly large amount of calls saying they have seen a UFO.RoswellDailyRecordJuly8,1947

The government has admitted that they have spent millions on researching about UFOs and aliens. But the government denied everything about the UFO incident in Roswell.

Now to the good stuff.

During that night the 509th (a operation group for the flying component of the United States Air Force) were sent to conduct a investigation on the situation.

Nurses were sent just in case something went wrong since they didn’t know what they were getting into. While one of the nurses were helping the 509th they saw the pieces of the UFO crash on the floor.

While the nurse was there she saw one of the investigators bring out what she had described as “ little people,” according to a video posted by Buzzfeed, titled “Roswell’s Bizarre UFO Crash.”  

When the nurse was there she also had said that the investigators were “conducting an autopsy on a small inuman body.” said ryan

The nurse drew a sketch of what she saw on a piece of paper.

During the investigation the members of the 509th were testing some of the material that was found on the UFO.

They believed it wasn’t from this earth. They described the material on the UFO as:

it would not burn… that stuff weighs nothing it’s so thin! It isn’t anything thicker than the tinfoil in a pack of cigarettes. It wouldn’t bend. We even tried tried making a dent in it with a 16 pound sledge hammer and there was still no dent in it.”

As mentioned before, the government denied all accusations of a UFO and anything related to UFOs.

The morning of July 8th 1947 public information LT’ Walter Haut issued a press release “Flying Saucer.”

In that article it also described the UFO had “ Rubber strips, tinfoil, a rather tough paper and sticks.” The people were shook about this

As the government saw the newspaper they issued another paper stating it was a weather balloon. They claimed that they were conducting an experiment to listen for missiles from the Soviets but according to the papers the weather balloon launch was in the 1950s…

So my question is:

How did they mix up something that was several years apart?

Maj. Jess Marcell brought the Roswell incident back into the light because he thought there was unfinished business and he believed that it was definitely NOT a weather balloon.

He was also there while the investigation was underway. He described:

I knew that I had never seen anything like that before.”

ufo07Another General (un-named in the Buzzfeed video) had the same description of the material of the UFO.

The thing is that these too officers didn’t know each other and the fact that they had nearly the same descriptions was mind blowing!

This is what the General said:

“It was not anything from this earth, that im quite sure of… being an intelligence officer I was familiar with just about all materials used in aircraft and/or air travel. This was nothing like that.. I could have not been.”

To this day, 60 years later people still can’t come to a conclusion as to what happened that fateful night.

Was it pieces of a weather balloon or was it crash pieces of a UFO ?

People who still wonder what happened have called this a massive cover up as the people who were investigating call it “A cosmic watergate.”

Will this ever be solved?

Or has it been solved but we’ve been kept in the dark? You decide.

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