National Anthem Changed to ‘Devil In A New Dress’ By Kanye West

National Anthem Changed to Devil In A New Dress By Kanye West
By Jesus De La Rosa

A new law was passed today officially changing the National Anthem from the old, boring Star-Spangled Banner to the Kanye West masterpiece “Devil In A New Dress.”

The decision came after the country realized the old song was pretty old and bland, and they needed to keep up with changing times. In order to get more clout among the younger generation, Congress felt they should use a rap song, since it is currently the most popular genre.Kanye

A song by Kanye West was the obvious choice, with Kanye being arguably the greatest artist of this generation. The nation rejoiced when they heard the news, with 16-year-old Jaeden Andrade saying “It’s about time, if we have to listen to the national anthem so much, might as well make it a good song.”

Of course not everyone agrees with it, with former president Barack Obama saying “I feel that they should have use On Sight, It really highlights the chaos yet beauty of America, but at least they changed the anthem. Everyone loves Kanye.”

While not everyone agrees with the song choice, everyone is glad it was changed, it was about time.