Meet Emma Parry

By: Bryan Cornelio
OwlFeed Journalist

Avid reader, writing enthusiast, and improv captain, Emma Parry is on her way to walking down the stage of the University of Phoenix stadium. She’s a 16 year old senior who makes a quick buck proofreading stories and articles.

Currently she is part of the Agua Fria Journalism team due to her passion for writing (and need for an elective). Recently positions were assigned and Emma was able to qualify and reach for the role of managing editor for lifestyle. Emma picked this role since she, “enjoys pop culture and current events,” she further expresses how she loves being connected to domestic affairs.

She’s shown how planned and ready she is into moving out for college. “I’d love to go to NAU but if possible I would want to continue on and get into Berkeley. In the future she wants to pursue a double major in biology and chemistry with the focus on forensic and minor criminal justice to reach a career involving work with the FBI on a federal level.

Although this is a fact Emma still highly considers doing side work involving her love for writing.

Currently her most definitive drive to go to school has been her improv team. This is for the fact that the team has been a pillar for her going out of her shell and being who she is now. Furthermore, with the help of the team she’s able to now connect to people more easily and feels much less out of place with her own owl “family”.

She adamantly admires Bo Burnham for the fact that, and I quote, “he’s one of the few comedians who were given vast amounts of opportunity but pursued his passion and worked hard to get to the place he’s at right now.” She’s inspired by his dedication and passion for comedy and writing. With him as a role model, she feels more hopeful in pursuing and hitting her goals one-by-one.

As for her final year as a senior in Agua Fria she feels satisfied at a decent spot at this point in time, and for the moments she does feel lost or out of place, she has her improv team to approach as well as loving her loving family in theater. She expresses how she’s ecsatic to be competing again and how overall, “[she] looks forward to going far in the tournaments to come.”

To end school in an extravagant way she hopes to knock scholarships through the roof and apply for schools that she would love to move into as a launcher of her future career. For Emma, she believes that going outside your bubble is sometimes a necessary change for growth even if you dread it, furthermore she states how, “even if I’m at point of losing, I got back up from my feet with the help of those around me to keep going and try again harder.” Students like Emma are what makes up the soul of Agua Fria’s school spirit and stabilizes the unity with the school.

As a final message to her peers within her improv team she insists, “Shout out to 2018-2019 improv team looking forward to Tourney, thank you for everyone coming out and kudos to those who made it.”