‘Witch’s Brew’ Starbucks Drink Is Best Avoided

By: Angelina Cordova

OwlFeed Journalist

In spirit of the holidays, Starbucks has released a Halloween-themed drink known as the Witch’s Brew. It’s an orange creme flavored drink filled with chia seeds and topped with whipped cream and green powder. The Starbucks’ website claims the drink to be “more

Photo Credit: Angelina Cordova

treat than trick” but I would say otherwise.

As you can see in the picture the chia seeds were not included in my drink. I’m not sure if they were out of them or they just forgot but that’s what they gave me and I didn’t think it was worth getting back in line for such a disappointing drink. I’ll admit, it’s pleasing to the eye, it looks great and represents the Halloween theme well. However, the looks were deceiving.

It didn’t make sense to make the drink a vibrant purple and have it taste like orange creme. That really threw me off. I’m almost positive if someone who wasn’t aware of this drink saw it and decided to try it, they would assume that it would be some sort of berry flavor. They’d be surprised and disappointed as well.

The taste of that drink was the scariest experience I’ve had this Halloween. It was as if they blended fruity pebbles, a melted popsicle and ice. I wasn’t able to finish it and had to throw it away after a few sips. To get another opinion I invited a friend to tag along. At first he said it was bearable and continued to drink it. About half way through he said, “It gets worse with each sip and the after taste is just awful.”

To sum up this review, the Witch’s Brew is absolutely horrible, it might look pretty but the only word I can use to describe the way it tastes is disgusting. It’s a total waste of money and I would not recommend it.