Trump Calls National Emergency to Secure Wall Funding

By Elijah M. Carson
OwlFeed Journalist

It’s official (maybe) and the country as we know might be changed forever in this — Donald Trump declared a national emergency on the southern border in order to get funding to build the wall. Though to figure out how this all started let’s go back to the beginning.

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Throughout all of President Trump’s campaign in 2016, the main focus on his presidency was to build a large wall as the border between the U.S. and Mexico. Around December when President Trump had asked Congress to give him $5.7 billion to build the wall he wanted for the border as a promise of “security and safety” for the people of the southern border, Congress had denied him the money.

This had caused the infamous government shutdown where it began on December 22nd and lasted until January 25th, which had become the longest government shutdown in history.  During the massive debate, there were many attempts to have a compromise, but President Trump wouldn’t back down.

Around the State of the Union, Trump had agreed to stop the shutdown for the official speech until February 15th, where Congress would give him the money or else the shutdown would begin again. In his speech, one of the most notable things was that he said that he said that while he has played with the idea of calling a state of emergency, where he would take the $5.7 billion from the Department of Defense budget, but that he would not do that.

With no sides budging on their opinions, on February 15th, the day where the shutdown was supposed to happen again, President Trump announced that he is calling a state of emergency, where the U.S was divided and even CBS had decided to air The Price Is Right instead.

As the announcement shocked the U.S, the Democrat-ruled House of Representatives had to votes on the choice on February 26th. The final vote was 245-182 where all Democrats and a quarter of Republicans had voted no on the State of Emergency, where Trump had threatened a veto, and it may seem like the vote lays on the hands of the Republican-ruled Senate about the wall.

While the debates still in the air and is still a scare for both Democrats and Republicans, as well as Americans and immigrants seeking asylum, it seems like we will have to look to see if we finally will have the wall that President Donald Trump had wanted after all.