Agua Fria Students Support Fight Against Cancer at Relay For Life

By: D’Randa Hooks and Katrina Rodriguez

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Relay for Life was a very inspiring event that left us all with memories of laughter, fun, hope and courage about the horrible diseases out there taking the life of innocent people. Relay for Life, which took place on October 3, 2015, is a celebration for cancer survivors, a day to remember all who have passed, and a time to earn money to raise awareness and fight cancer back.

Interact Club and National Honors Society, both clubs at Agua Fria High school, came together with other communities to raise awareness for this life threatening condition with wise people who also want to join the fight to find a cure for cancer. People in the community created different teams who then gathered together in Goodyear Ballpark and camped out on the perimeter of the circular pathway around the park.

The day started out with fun and games as the opening ceremony was light hearted and cheerful. The walking began with the survivor lap around the park. That was where the cancer survivors got to take a victory lap for beating the deadly disease. Next came the caregiver lap. Loved ones got to walk with their survivors to celebrate with them. Following that was the opening lap. All the relay teams got to take the first lap around the park. As the night progressed hearts were spilled to an audience eager and willing to help in any way to donate for the cure.

Tracy Woolgar, the mother of our fallen Owl Nick Floyd, spoke at the ceremony and shared with the crowd her journey on the road of cancer caring for her son up until his last day with us on earth. The speech was beautifully presented and I DSCN0508know all our hearts were up there with her.

The relay for life event is a symbol for many people’s struggle with the incurable disease of cancer. It started at 6 p.m. and as the night grew continually darker so does the journey when treatments are seemingly unresponsive and in the darkest hour you contemplate the effect of your life and how you have either wasted it or used it. And finally the sun comes out and you either live through it or live through the memories of the loved one you have lost.

Cancer has taken too many. After Woolgar’s speech, there was a special memorial lap around the ballpark remembering someone who left this earth a little too soon. As one close to Nick’s battle, I did not shed a tear because I know hope is there to write a better ending to someone else’s story.

DSCN0335Although Agua Fria High School has attended Relay For Life events before, most of the students that went were newbees to this event.

The Relay for Life was a story for the books and I would like to thank all the members of Interact and National Honors Society for sharing the experience with me.