Mr. Martinelli Quits Job to Become Full-Time Italian


Photo Credit: Anna Salinas

Anna Salinas, OwlFeed News Editor

In case you didn’t know, or he doesn’t tell you like 12 times a day in your Government Class, Mr. Martinelli is Italian. 

And that is true, he is Italian (like a quarter), but strangely he’s been a little too Italian lately. He’s walking around wearing collared shirts, and said that if he had his own school, everyone would have to wear one every single day. He also said they would eat pasta every day for breakfast and lunch. And instead of buses getting every child to school, they would take vespas. 

He also has been actively listening to “That’s Amore” by Dean Martin. I wouldn’t be surprised if he started wearing overalls and carrying around a plunger.

When everyone thought it was just a phase the 27-year-old was going through, or some sort of mid-life crisis, things got very serious when Mr. Martinelli quit his full time teaching job to become a full time Italian (yes, you read that correctly). Who knew watching ‘Luca’ and the ‘Sopranos’ would make Mr. Martinelli embrace his Italian roots? 

If you’re wondering what Martinelli will be doing for his new career change, he will be moving to Italy and giving people gondola rides for $1.72.

Mr. Martinelli thinks this career change is meant to be, rather than teaching. Surprisingly, he didn’t consider teaching Italian at AFHS since he knows the language soooo well. But that’s okay as everyone knows it’s probably for the best that Mr. Martinelli explores his new beloved Italian passion by himself.

Well, if you see Mr. Martinelli walking around, give him a good farewell by saying “arrivederci” in your best Italian accent (so he can understand).

Also, one more thing. APRIL FOOLS’! 😉