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Aaron Esquer, Lifestyle Reporter

New to the high school environment, Aaron Esquer’s first year here at Agua Fria is quite an experience and a huge change for this freshman. From being online in middle school to now finally learning in person, Aaron has yet to experience the wonderful opportunities this place has in store. For him, coming to this school is when he feels like his “life begins.” And with that, his 4-year journey has commenced.

Aaron holds a position of news reporter here in OwlFeed. His passion for writing and his ability to visualize what he writes is the main reason why he wanted to join journalism. The types of media he consumes not only include fiction, but real events as well. Prior to joining the class, he would make mock articles and one of his favorite hobbies is reading. He states that he mainly reads horror books as it gives him “a look into somebody else’s life in a thrilling way.” The skills he attained from these recreational activities gives him an extra qualification for his position here in the journalism news department.

Although he is quite a timid character and would rather keep to himself, Aaron considers himself to be a “pretty chill guy.” He expressed how he wants to develop his communication skills and this class is a definite way to assist with his growth. He is very kind in nature, which is why he loves helping others in need, and generally likes to avoid getting involved in conflicts. 

Aaron’s hopes and dreams for the future are pretty simple. “I wanna live an easy life,” he said. To live an easy life, by Aaron’s personal definition, is to be able to live in his own house, only work 4 to 5 hours a day with a salary providing him enough spending money, and to be able to spend the majority of his day with his family. He expressed his interest in possibly going into construction, maybe becoming a lumberjack, and moving to Canada. His love for nature is the reason why he also likes going on hikes when he can, he said, “It doesn’t matter where as long as it has a nice view.”

During his free time, Aaron’s many interests and passions keep him occupied. For instance, another outdoor activity he likes to do aside from hiking is skateboarding. You may also see him around, out and about, with a camera and taking pictures. He expressed, “I want to be good at photography and developing films.” Furthermore, he also likes to play video games, specifically in the genre of single player, action, and fps. His top pick is “Uncharted”, which is his favorite to play on his PlayStation.

When it comes to entertainment, Aaron has many options. However, nothing tops his favorite films: The X-men series. That being said, his hero, the person he admires, the person whom he wants to be like… is Wolverine! “Wolverine is cool and I look up to him,” Aaron proclaimed. “He is his own man. He was true to himself even when he lost his memories, and I admire that a lot.” For Aaron, the lessons he had learned from the stories pertaining to the fictional characters in this series, has made a huge influence on him as a person, changing his outlook on certain situations in life. 

A reminder and advice from Aaron which he has learned is this: “You can control your own actions but not others. That is why it is important to act with kindness and be true to yourself.”

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