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Photo credit: Aubria Ware

Aubria Ware Ngamie, Lifestyle Reporter

As an Owl one best thing to have on campus is someone that always has good energy and always has a smile on their face. When you have that person on campus, everyone is always happier when they see that someone like Aubria can cheer everyone up with good energy and smiles.

Aubria gives off good energy in the classroom and outside of the classroom to everyone.

Aubria is a 16 year old junior who is the new opinion columnist, and Lifestyle reporter. Journalism is something she enjoys because she loves writing.

Aubria wants to become a book author and write books!!

“ I love to write so I added it to writing, and I want to become a book author.” She explained why she chose journalism.

In Aubria's free time she likes to play the piano, write, play a little bit of video games, and Paint.

Figure out what I  wants to do after high school, and also have the goal I wants to achieve.” 

Aubria wants to go to a university and become a writer after High school.

Did you know that Aubria’s favorite thing about writing is “Critiquing her work and getting feedback about her work." Most people don't like to get feedback because they feel like people are being mean. So Aubria is a good person to help become a better writer.

Some of Aubria’s favorite places to go are Sacramento, Ca. and Tempe, Az.

Aubria’s favorite genre in music is R&B and favorite artist is Bryson Tiller.

Aubria’s perfect day involves “Going to France, eating a lot of Pasta, then flying to Japan, and going to Tokyo.” Says Aubria

As a normal human-being people have struggles, One of Aubria’s struggles is procrastinating. 

Also as a Human-being people grow out of struggles, one of Aubria’s things she grew out of is her anxiety.

Everyone has their favorite food restaurants, And Aubria picked one of the best ones, Applebees!!

Aubria’s favorite movies are all of the Candrea Movies.

When I asked Aubria what her freshman year was like she said “ It was terrible it was all online.

One of Aubria’s quotes is “The only thing I want to do is write a book that everyone will love” 

Her favorite inspiring quote is “Learning Never Exhausts the mind” 

-De Vinci

To be in a class with some that has the inspiration to write helps the people that are in there that don’t. So having Aubria being a helping hand classmate is a great way to start journalism.

All content by Aubria Ware Ngamie