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Jacob Coleman

Jacob Coleman, Owlfeed News Reporter

Jacob Coleman is a senior at Agua Fria and a newcomer to the OwlFeed family this year. 

He was born and raised here in Arizona and plans on never leaving in the future. As the youngest of three children, he has brothers named Ernie and Chris. 

He said he always has looked up to them and his mom too. "I admire my mom's work ethic and independence. I look up to both my brother's intelligence," Jacob said.

The biggest influences in his life are his mom and his grandfather, who inspire him every day. He’s also influenced by directors like Christopher Nolan and Martin Scorsese, who inspire him to make movies.  

Besides hanging out with his family, Jacob likes to listen to music, primarily hip-hop/rap; he even collects old vinyl records of his favorite songs. He also enjoys playing video games. Some of his favorites are Red Dead Redemption 2 and Last of Us 2.  

Jacob is glad that he is in his final year of high school and is ready for what's next to come. Even though he isn't really enjoying virtual learning, he is still happy to get his education safety.  

After high school, Jacob wants to work in the film industry and become a filmmaker. "I'm not sure what exact area yet, but I just want to create movies and videos," he said.  

"I am passionate about filmmaking. I love watching movies, but I love the process and challenges it can give me to make a video or film,” he continued. “I love seeing unique and great stories, and I hope I can make them one day for other people." He hopes to make out on the big screen one day.

Some of his favorite movies are the Joker, Taxi Driver, Scarface, and The Dark Knight Trilogy. 

Although journalism wasn't his first choice, when he was younger, he used to want to be a news anchor, so he wanted to try the class to see if he still liked the idea. 

"I look forward to gaining more experience as a writer and to possibly finding something I enjoy out of the class to use it later in the future," Jacob said.

Lastly, Jacob said if he were to describe himself in three words, it would be loyal, funny, and outgoing. He's glad to be a part of the Owlfeed family and can't wait for an exciting semester.

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