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Photo Credit: Quin Benedict

Meet Quin, Opinion Managing Editor

Quin is one of the more interesting characters I’ve met in a while, and there is so much to explore about them. They go by the pronouns of they/them and they are a sophomore at Agua Fria High School. They are not originally from Arizona, but moved here at the very young age of 4 from Illinois.

Benedict identifies as non-binary, and it is inspiring to hear how someone can portray themselves. “It’s like being soft and feminine while still fundamentally ‘wrong’ at the same time,” said Quin when talking about how they identify themselves. “Just because I like to curl my hair and wear skirts doesn’t mean I’m a girl.”

They have a closer connection with their dad, as they and their father seem to travel a lot together. “I recently had the opportunity to see more of the world and even though my Dad and I got to explore Venice, Rome, and parts of the German countryside, Paris will always have my heart,” Quin said.

Quin has no siblings and they actually wish to remain an only child, as they do not prefer the chaos or noise that comes with children. “I really enjoy my peace and quiet, and if there were to be another person around, I’d probably lose my mind,” they said.

With much space to themselves, they are very into playing RPG games in their free time. “I’ve gotten into Skyrim the Mass Effect trilogy, Dragon Age games — any weird art style, story based games,” they said.

They also have spent time watching their latest show obsession on Netflix, an original series called “Arcane.”

“I’m not really into TV as much, but right now I’m watching Arcane on Netflix and I’m preparing to rewatch it because it is so good,” they said.

Quin has mainly found the ability to express themselves through art. Benedict played the viola (a slightly larger violin, with a deeper sound) for about three years through middle school, and they have been writing mainly since elementary school.

“Since my parents were usually busy and there was no one else to talk to, you know you always got a pen and paper,” Quin said. And even though it has been long since they’ve held the viola, they feel like eventually, they’ll pick it up again.

Their goal for their future is to live in Paris as an author.

“I’d have a cute little desk in front of a window where I write my books, then a cup of tea and a cat to keep me company,” said Quin.

Benedict has a great appreciation for vintage items. “I dabbled in ‘old woman’ decor by buying a cherry wood vanity,” said Quin. “And now I have vintage furniture and paintings up to the ceiling…once I figured out how to get up there.”

One of their favorite finds was a mini statue of David that they found at a thrift store. “Had to tie a post-it note around his waist, as a skirt,” said Quin.

When discussing their latest obsessions, their favorite food at the moment is Caldo de Nopales from Raul and Theresa’s. It is a cactus and meat soup that they have been loving, but yet, they have a deep hatred for the lovely leaf of spinach.

“…I was peer pressured into eating spinach, only to choke on it, so we’re destined to be rivals. I don’t make the rules,” said Quin.

Quin’s best part of themselves, to their belief, is that they are very critical of themselves, in both a good and bad way.

“I am usually pushing myself, but sometimes too much, but I try to be better,” Quin said.

It is a great pleasure to write about such an inspiring human with so much depth to them. Quin opens you up to a new world with different aspects of who they are, and that is truly something to be cherished.

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