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Nova Washington, Lifestyle Reporter

What do you think of when you hear the word “sweet”? Do you think of chocolate, strawberries, or perhaps a certain person? Well, Nova Washington's friends think of the word sweet, they think of her.

Nayanna “Nova” Washington, nicknamed that because of her middle name, is a freshman here at Agua Fria and a lifestyle reporter in this journalism class. She was born on August 15th, 2008. She likes all types of music and it is one of their interests. One of the most significant moments of her life is going out of the country.

She describes her family as nice and, even though she has seven siblings, she is the oldest child in her family. Nova’s favorite color is purple. Some of her hobbies are playing video games and cooking.

Her favorite type of food is seafood. Some things she likes are plays, musicals, stuffed animals, cats, shopping, sweets, hearts, jewelry, and makeup. Although she does not know what she wants to do after high school yet, she has wanted to be an actress since she was three years old.

“If all the bad stuff that happened to me didn’t, I wouldn’t be who I am today,” says Nova. Nova’s inspiration is her grandmother because she raised her. If Nova could do anything in the world she would face her fears so she wouldn’t be scared of anything anymore.

Her favorite genre of books and movies are comedy because she likes to laugh. Her favorite book series is the Harry Potter books because she grew up on the Harry Potter movies. She likes going out to eat with her friends and family because she likes to eat a lot.

Nova likes hanging out and messing around with her friends a lot. Although her favorite place in the world is her home, if she could go anywhere in the world she would go to the Dominican Republic where her grandma was born, and would go visit their old house there. Her favorite people in the world are her family because they have always been there for her.

 Overall, Nova Washington is a very kind person who, even though she was forced into journalism, will probably make a great addition to the team. Being a freshman she still has a whole four years to get the Agua Fria experience. So if you ever see Nova in any of your classes, take some time to get to know her, you won’t regret it.

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