Wednesday Addams: a dark twist


Photo Credit: instagram @wednesdaynetflix

Mushroom Ritchie, OwlFeed Lifestyle Editor

Wednesday Addams is a peculiar teenage girl who is a part of the Addams family. Their family is known as strange or unusual and they seem to have a bad reputation. Wednesday doesn’t seem to like her brother and yet she sticks up for him when he gets himself into trouble with boys in their school. In Netflix’s new show “Wednesday”, we see an example of this when she finds her brother, Pugsly, in a locker. It’s revealed almost immediately that Wednesday has started to have visions. Her visions show her what happened in the past or sometimes what will happen in the future.


A quick disclaimer before we begin, there are references to the show and loads of spoilers ahead. If you intend on watching Wednesday or aren’t finished watching yet then just know that there are some secrets that will be revealed.


Some fun facts from the show before I give some reviews. Wednesday was born on Friday the 13th which is very fitting for how she tends to fo things and how she views the world. Wednesday is said to be allergic to color, if she comes in contact with it, “her skin will melt off her flesh.” Addams is a very intelligent teen, she knows how to get what she wants without needing to show any emotion. Wednesday doesn’t seem to show much emotion but there times we can tell that she has fear, anger,  joy, and such and she shows that she truly cares about others sometimes. We have received confirmation of a second season by Wednesday herself. Jenna Ortega posted to her twitter confirming that we will receive season two on January 22nd, 2023.


I interviewed someone close to me that I will be leaving anonymous, but here’s how it went. I asked, “What are your thoughts on the show as a whole?” And they replied, “It wasn’t what I was expecting; the movie is a lot more chaotic than the show.” I then asked for their favorite character(s) and they said that Thing, Uncle Fester and Enid are their favorites but overall, it’s Uncle fester, “He’s a trickster like me, he’s goofy and fun.” “What do you think about Tyler?” They answered, “I didn’t think much of it cause he was a normie, it baffled me that it was him because I thought he was just an innocent bystander.” They liked the story and thought it was good. I asked them what their favorite scene was and they said, “It’s a tie between the dance and when she was in the coffee shop and fought all three boys and the sheriff walks in and turned to his son and said, ‘did you help?’” I’ll be honest, I loved those scenes as well. I asked them if they relate to Wednesday and they responded, “Yes, in a few different ways, outcast, I typically spend my time by myself.” Any other thoughts on the show? “Thing’s attempted murder scene was kinda sad, I cried a little.”


I also Interviewed Gabriela Leon, here are her thoughts. What are your thoughts on the show? “I was a little upset that they didn’t use the original characters until I realized later that they were all dead. Once you get past the first episode you just want to watch more and then you realize you watched 7 hours of Wednesday.“ Who is your overall favorite character? ”I want to say Wednesday but I love Enid, together they are almost fully human. Xavier is an okay character, his character development lacks.” What did you think about Tyler? “I’m very thankful Tyler is not a real person or I would kill him, they made us fall in love with Tyler.” How do you feel about the story itself? “I like the plot of it, I do think it could have been executed better though. The Addams brought up the fact that the dad was a killer but it didn’t have much to do with the rest of the story.” What was your favorite scene? “My favorite scene, surprisingly, wasn’t the fight scene. The fight scene was super boring. I liked the scene where she put the piranhas in the pool.” Do you relate to Wednesday? “I don’t think I relate to her, I just like her dark, twisted humor.”

Photo Credit: instagram @wednesdaynetflix

Finally, I’ll share my own thoughts on the show. If those two interviews didn’t give any spoilers for you, then this will. The show itself was very dark but was also very intriguing. As far as the story goes, it starts with Wednesday going to a different school, a school that her parents went to. Eventually we see Wednesday decide to stay there at the school when at first she wanted to leave. The story is a handful of different mysteries tied together, bit by bit, Wednesday uncovers them all. For Tyler, I love our little coffee boy. He was made into such a lovable character and he got close to Wednesday which made him seem like he was a good guy until we get to the end of the season. I honestly love his character but I hate that he’s the hyde. As far as my favorite character, I’m not all too sure. I love Tyler but I have to say Wednesday and Enid are both pretty and cool. Wednesday can be cold hearted but she does truly care about people. Enid is more chill but can be pretty aggressive at times although I will say that she is more fun and cheerful. My personal favorite scene has to be the dance, not just Wednesday doing her little dance but I honestly liked the entire part surrounding the dance, the lighting and everything was beautiful. Wednesday’s dress for the dance was perfect for her, the style and everything, even I would wear that dress. I relate to Wednesday in a sense, I do relate to being an outcast, more specifically being an outcast in a group of outcasts. Even though everyone was iffy on Wednesday at first, there were some that were able to warm up to her and I really like that about her character.


The show is huge across all social media platforms, twitter, TikTok, YouTube, etc. Artists have already started to draw and animate scenes and characters. There are trends going around on TikTok of people doing a shortened version of Wednesday’s dance to the song “Bloody Mary” by Lady Gaga. There’s also a smaller trend doing Enid’s little sparkle hands when she and Wednesday first meet. I’ve already seen some awesome cosplays of Wednesday and Enid, seeing as how they seem to be the most lovable and relatable characters.