The Enemy Within’ And What To Expect


Photo Credits: Gavin Sanchez

Gavin Sanchez, OwlFeed Lifestyle Reporter

Every light has a shadow, light cannot exist without darkness, and without that light, there is only darkness. A show named ‘The Enemy Within’’ is currently in the works, so here is what to expect for its release. 

Episode 1, part 1 is expected to be released by the middle or the end of 2023. My friends and I have been working on this show since the end of 2021 and there has been a lot that has happened with the production. This idea originated from my conversation with my friend, Cooper Thompson. It started with a walk home from school. I was listening to a song that seemed like it belonged in an epic battle scene from a movie. I told Cooper about this and after that, we just started thinking of cool scenes and characters for this make-believe show. A couple of walks home later, Cooper and I told our friends about it, then a few more walks home later my friend Nathan Tapp created google slides for everyone to write their character sheets in. Now my friends and I are the main cast and characters of the show.


There are many steps to making a show, there’s casting, scripting, screen playing, voice acting, and animating. One of those steps is bound to go wrong, here’s the biggest setback during the scripting process. 


8th grade has come to an end and I’ve finished the entire script for the story and voice lines for seasons 1-5, but I was met with death. Since we were no longer middle schoolers our school google accounts were shut down. All of the character sheets, scripts, and everything were deleted without a trace. All that was left was a very old backup that only had the story script up to season 4. All of our hard work was gone, but this was only my motivation. Nathan was somehow able to get some old slides back which gave me enough to rebuild the basic blocks for the show. So I deleted everything on our saved script and decided to start fresh. This new script is currently being turned into voice lines as of right now. Another thing that I started fresh was most of the characters, I redesigned, gave new lore, and just made them more coherent. In the world of The Enemy Within’, a meteor hit the Atlantic ocean 

Photo Credits: Gavin Sanchez

In 1949, and ever since then, every 2 years there has been an event named “The Tide” which picks 300 random people and gives them a 1 and 1,000 chance to gain a superpower. People with powers are called Radiants and split into categories, Blue, Red, Green, and Black. Blue is artificial powers that aren’t gained from the Tide such as robotic enhancements or weapons, Red is weak powers or useless powers, Green is normal Radiants with normal and natural powers, and lastly Black is powerful powers. Now there are many characters in The Enemy Within’, we’ve got Amethyst, Snapper, Tyran, Phynix, Frost, and the antagonist Reverse. In this superhuman world, Amethyst created a team of heroes who are unnamed at the moment. One day Tyran splits into two beings without reason it seems, and that was the day that Reverse was born. It’s up to the team of heroes to stop whatever Reverse is planning.


Here’s a quick summary of the characters, Amethyst isn’t a radiant because he is a sorcerer, he is the 6th generation of sorcerers protecting Earth. Amethyst utilizes Shards which hold different types of magic. Amethyst gets his Shards from the Reality Branch which is a group of realities that hold the Shards, there is Dark End, Corruption, Wither, Lunar, Solar, Eanorant, and Amethyst which Amethyst created. Snapper is a fallen god that was banished by his family for having the devil’s eye, Snapper was raised by a former assassin, Hannah Moore, and he trained his speed to its max. Tyran is a radiant with super strength and an Iron Man-like suit of armor. Phynix is a hero, not from this world. Frost is a radiant with multiple powers, Fire, Ice, Gravity, Electricity, and Power Boost. He was an experiment by Radiants Authority. Radiants Authority is a school for young radiants when their parents don’t want to take care of them. The reason why Frost has so many powers is that when you ingest the blood of a radiant, you can take their powers and build them off of yours.


We have a small Studio, but we all play an important role. “I polyline things such as characters, weapons, and clothes to my liking or how I see fit,” said Nathan Tapp. Nathan is very good at using the polyline tool on google slides, I mostly ask him to polyline things for me but I am getting better at using it. The polyline tool has helped me reimagine existing photos and turn them into something that I see fit for whatever they are being used for. Here is 


As an example, I would take a photo of armor I found on Pinterest and import them to google slides. I would then polyline the outline of the armor and fill in the details later. This is a very lengthy process but it is worth it for making designs for the show. “I am the co-director and I play Snapper,” said Nathan Tapp. I am the director of ‘The Enemy Within’’ and without the help of my co-director, I wouldn’t nearly be where I am today. “I made the character Tyran and who he is as a supporting character of the show,” said Cooper Thompson. During the character development stage of production, I let everyone create their character and I could slightly build off of that if I wanted/needed to. Each character has had their original version which will probably never see the light of day but was still fun to make.

Here at Shattered Shard Studios, we cannot wait to bring you this show. Through the painful nights of staring at google docs, through the painful deletion of our ideas, and through the fire and flames, we are finally ready to start doing voice lines and then animating. It has been a wild ride working on this show. I am proud to show off my ideas to the world, I am proud to be the director of this production, and I am proud to present that we will be making many future productions, some linked to the adventures of The Enemy Within’ and some with their own stories. I am excited for people all around the world to see my hard work and my ideas. I hope you enjoy the show since we are only just getting started. I would like to add that this is my first time animating, scripting, and doing voice lines. I genuinely hope that people will enjoy this show. As time goes on and more productions are released, my artwork will only improve. This is Gavin Sanchez signing off for this report, watch ‘The Enemy Within’’ Episode 1 Part 1 “Under The Skin” streaming on Youtube @shatteredshardstudios sometime in 2023. Also, follow the official Instagram page at @shattered_shard_studios. See you hopefully in the future… This is going to be fun…