The Winter Formal but not so Formal


Mushroom Ritchie, OwlFeed Lifestyle Reporter

For the Agua Fria winter formal of 2023, it sounds like students would be told to wear something formal but instead, this year we’re going casual. Instead of dressing up, students are allowed to dress down. Held in the old gym on February 4th, the theme is to light up the night in white. The theme is more of neon lights and they recommended wearing white but it doesn’t mean we had to. The thought behind wearing white was to have the neon colors show up well. Students chose some interesting outfits to wear and since not everyone went, why not show them off?

Photo Credit: Mushroom Ritchie

For my outfit I did end up going more formal, I found the dress on Amazon for $40. I chose Wednesday Addams dress from the show Wednesday because winter formal sounded similar to the school dance they had in the show. Although the themes are different, they wanted us to wear white to the winter formal and in the show Wednesday, they were also told to wear white for their dance. Also no, I didn’t buy the dress myself, my grandmother bought it for me. 


My boyfriend, Dj, was my date to the dance and I got some pictures with him. He was wearing a button up black and white flannel shirt along with black pants and black tennis shoes. He also had his gray pullover hoodie tied around his waist for most of the time that we were there.


In my group, my friend Jazmin had a pretty cool outfit. Jaz was wearing a white tee with a black cat on it, they also had a white zip up hoodie over it. They were wearing black pants and the whole outfit was tied together with a small black bag and some dress shoes. As for my friend Kasandra, she was wearing a mostly white dress with a floral pattern with an almost vintage type look to it. Kas was wearing knee high black boots, she also had a bag that was gray with a pattern on it.

Photo Credit: Elixir booth Company

The dance was like any other school dance at Agua Fria, lots of kids crowding around the DJ and jumping around to the beat of the songs that played. There were lots of glow sticks and black lights and they had streamers connected to each hoop going from one to another. There was a wall of balloons along with some balloons around on the floor of the gym. Some people were tossing the balloons around, by the end of the dance, people were popping them left and right. I got a couple of group photos with my group, Dj, Jaz, Kas, Vi, and Izace.