OPINION:Dark Disney


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Gabriela Leon, OwlFeed Opinion Reporter

Disney; The shows that almost everyone grew up watching whether it was Disney original movies like Beauty and the Beast, Little Mermaid, Hercules, or down to the unforgettable Mulan. But sometimes in Disney movies, there are things that we never quite caught until after we were a little bit older. Whether it was the murder in Peter Pan, Sexism in Cinderella, or even a disorder like Stockholm Syndrome in Beauty in the Beast.

Starting off, Mythology had a huge part to play in most agricultural movies, for example in The Little Mermaid Movie, it was mostly based on the book version of it but only partially. In the little mermaid, both in the movie and in the book Ariel gets enchanted by the boat that floats by follows it and she does indeed fall in love with the prince and goes to the sea witch for help to get to the surface but only in the movie does she actually get to stay on land and get to marry Prince Eric. In the book, she does get the legs but at a cost, Ursula tells her that every step she takes will feel like she is being stabbed by 100 needles but she does it anyway for her love of Eric, and Eric does end up finding her and carrying about her but not in the way she wanted. He ended up marrying his friend and inviting Ariel. Finding out about this and seeing the one she loved, love another, and missing her friends and family she tied her feet together and drowned herself in the ocean to be reunited with her loved ones. 

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In another movie like Beauty in the Beast, Belle ended up developing a disorder called Stockholm Syndrome. For those who don’t know what Stockholm Syndrome is, it is a disorder in which people who are being held captive or who have been kidnapped fall in love with their kidnapper. Which if you think about it, that’s exactly what happens in Beauty in the Beast: she falls in love with him because he gives her books that he already had. She wasn’t in love with him, she simply fell into the idea that she did through Stockholm Syndrome disorder that she developed later throughout the time of being held captive, which is why the idea of being away from him seemed impossible since he took her and she felt something for him not knowing what it was.

Another Disney movie that is in the darker corner of Disney is the original movie that was released on February 5, 1953: Peter Pan. Where Peter Pan took the kids to Wonderland where they could have fun forever and be happy but at a terrible cost, if they started to grow up then Peter Pan would kill them so they couldn’t leave and their souls would get stuck in the land which is why Captain Hook had so many failed attempts to capture and kill Peter Pan because he was the only lost boy who had made it out and he was trying to stop Peter Pan and his crimes. But no one knew this so they all assumed that Captain Hook was the villain. And even is to go as far as to say that Peter Pan is obsessed with killing them which is why he constantly brings more children to Neverland.

So there you have it. Peter Pan is a murderer, Belle never fell in love with the Beast but rather developed a disorder to convince her that she did, and Ariel never really got her happily ever after but had to watch the one she loves marry someone else.