OPINION:Your Mind is Calling

Photo credit: adamwillows.com

Photo credit: adamwillows.com

Zoe Perez, OwlFeed Opinion Reporter

We all have tried to push away problems, struggles, and trauma we may have experienced, most people laugh it out and decide it will go away on its own and never show up again. That’s not it. Thoughts sink and stay stuck until actions are taken, they want to be heard. In your mind, there’s a place where your thoughts become reactions and where deep thought recesses. These feelings and reactions come from your subconscious and unconscious mind, don’t forget to check up on yourself and stop letting people tell you “you’re fine” because they don’t know your mind, your mind will recover when you let it recover.

As life goes on, people of all ages go through a stage where they experience a traumatic event that they want to forget and live a happy life so they force that memory down below the level of awareness. When you are no longer able to recognize that event, it will form your behavior for the better or for the worse. 

A subconscious mind is known to be the reaction when you realize what is actually wrong, when you realize your jealousy towards another person and you don’t realize why it happens, subconsciously you know it is because that person has done more than you have done before. While an unconscious mind is the part of your mind that has an effect on a lot of people, if someone has trouble communicating with men, it gives you a stomach ache and feels uncomfy, you don’t know why because it isn’t available to your conscious mind that when younger growing up in an environment with almost all men, they would treat you like a “ guy” but you disagreeing would cause screaming matches, to make it worse no one took it seriously and continuously called you “ dramatic”.

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After talking to the Agua Fria psychology teacher Ms. Rams, I asked which one out of the subconscious and unconscious mind takes more power over the brain. She said, “ Well subconscious because it’s closer to the surface and what you are aware of, but even scientists don’t know a lot about it, many people take this differently.” Every individual can look at the mind in tons of different ways. After interviewing Ms, Rams more, she came to talk about your unconscious mind. Her description was, “ I think the importance of this is so you can control your actions and know why you are doing an action instead of random things driving you to the actions.”

Realizations I’ve made are that if someone wants to understand themselves or better themselves and handle the past events that caused them trauma is to regain awareness. According to psychologytoday.com, “There’s no way that you can reach your full potential until you gain entry into much of what exists below your awareness—that is, make both the unconscious and subconscious conscious—and, at last, come to positive terms with what, unknowingly, has been sabotaging you.” Meaning that the actual path you need to follow to become your full self and overcome the trauma that is stuck in you, you need to be able to accept it first.