Half Moon Bay Shooting


Photo Credit: commons.wikimedia.org

Samuel Rowles, OwlFeed News Reporter

Breaking news, in California, another shooting has taken place in Half Moon Bay, taking the lives of 7 workers. As of 2023 there have been more shootings in the U.S. than there have been days.


On Monday, January 26, an Asian American man named Chunli Zhao shot four people to death at a mushroom farm in California, then went on to another farm to shoot 3 more. In an article by nbcbayarea.com it states, “Four victims with gunshot wounds were found dead at about 2:22 p.m. at a nursery along the 12700 block of San Mateo Road (Highway 92), the sheriff’s office said. Another shooting victim was taken to Stanford Medical Center with life-threatening injuries. Shortly after that discovery, three more shooting victims were found dead at another nursery along the 2100 block of Cabrillo Highway South (Highway 1), according to the sheriff’s office.” 


The shooting was reported to be sparked by a sequence of years of bullying and Zhao’s supervisor demanding he pay $100 to repair equipment that was damaged at his work. In an interview with Chunli Zhao’s defendant Janielle Wang had to say, “ Zhao said he endured years of bullying combined with long hours working on the farms, and those issues were never addressed. He also said he believes he suffers from some sort of mental illness and wasn’t in his right mind the day of the shootings, Wang said.” This is not the first time that Zhao has been in trouble with the police. Back in 2013 he was accused of violence with another worker, CNN states  “ he was accused of violence against someone he worked with, court records obtained by CNN show.

Zhao was subject to a temporary restraining order after a former coworker and roommate accused him of attacking and threatening him in 2013.” The whole town was severely affected by this incident, with some being left without jobs and places to live. 

That some lived on the farm and had a fear of going back. NBC.com got to interview Cynthia Choi (Co-executive director of advocacy group Chinese) and she had to say, “‘This mass shooting, the gun violence issue, compounds some already pretty terrible living and working conditions… ‘We have individuals who no longer have a place to live because they lived on the farm … Obviously, they don’t want to go back.’ The victims included five Chinese migrant workers and two Mexican migrant workers. Zhishen Lui, Qizhong Cheng, Marciano Martinez Jimenez, Yetao Bing, Aixang Zhang, Jingzhi Lu, Jose Romero Perez. They all ranged from ages 38-74 all being confirmed dead a couple of days after the shooting took place. “A judge issued a temporary restraining order against Zhao, which prevented him from getting too close to Wang and also banned him from owning or buying a gun, according to the court paperwork. The restraining order expired in July 2013.” CNN.com states. As new information comes in, more is being brought up to the table. The shooting was one of many that affected the city of Half Moon Bay and America itself dramatically.