Photo Credit: Flickr.com

Nevaeh Adame, OwlFeed News Reporter

The fentanyl pill is a drug that causes overdoses, which can lead to death. It has been known to appear in several different drugs across the U.S.  This has been a huge issue from 2011 till recently, 2023. This drug is used to lace people and also be put in different things like candy, food, medicine, etc. This is affecting mostly teens around the U.S and is affecting families and friends. These teens can seem to get them from other teens or sometimes even just anybody they don’t know. People get the pill from others not knowing who they’re getting it from or what they’re getting themselves into. 


Some teens seem to think they are getting one thing but that one thing can be something else. All it takes is a pinch of fentanyl to kill somebody. The majority of the fentanyl pills come from Mexico but can also come from certain chemicals being made in China. They are pressed into pills or mixed with other counterfeit pills to make them look like Xanax, for example.. The maximum number of people who die from fentanyl is horrible, with over 150 people dying every day from fentanyl or other similar pills like fentanyl. 


The effects of fentanyl are most likely relaxation, euphoria, pain relief, sedation, confusion, drowsiness, dizziness, nausea and vomiting, urinary retention, pupillary constriction, and respiratory depression. Fentanyl is up to 50 times stronger than heroin and 100 times stronger than morphine. There are 2 types of fentanyl which is a powder and a liquid. It can look like another drug but really it’s Fentanyl. Overall the drug fentanyl is really strong and powerful to the human body and kills anyone in its path. Be aware!