Will another Bush be our President?

By: Alan Agundez Castillo

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Unknown-5Jeb Bush is one of many Republicans that are running for president this year. He was the governor of Florida. Bush is one of the sons of George H. W. Bush, the 41st president of the U.S., and the brother of George W. Bush, who was the 43rd.

His family is a pretty well known family in the U.S. for having 2 people from the same family become President. Could he possibly become the third in the family to become president?

As usual, we will be focusing on education, immigration, drugs and civil rights.

Bush’s View on Education:


Jeb Bush is not in favor of the Common Core standards, however, he believes that if states do not want to be part of Common Core, they have to have a high standard in their education. He also believes that the federal government should not be involved in creating content for children to learn. Also, the government should be involved in making choices in the education system, not standards.

Bush thinks that it is the parents’ decision if they want to their child to go to preschool, whether it is private or public. Also he says that he wants to stop districts that take money and pride more serious than they do about education.

Also, the minority gap in the education system is intolerable morally and economically, according to Bush.

Bush’s View on Immigration:


Bush has many ideas when it comes to immigration. He wants to eliminate “sanctuary cities,” which are cities that have certain procedures that deal with sheltering illegal immigrants like Tucson, Chicago and Milwaukee.

He was under fire from Donald Trump because Bush spoke Spanish to answer a question that was asked in Spanish. Trump said that he shouldn’t speak Spanish because we live in an English-speaking country.

Also, he wants to build a wall that spans the whole southern border of the country.


Bush’s View On Drugs:


Bush opposes medical marijuana. Bush believes that the legalization of medical marijuana is a “coverup” to legalizing it for recreational use. He has elaborated on his past by saying that he drank alcohol and has smoked marijuana, too, and he says that those decisions were stupid and wrong.


Bush’s View on Civil Rights:


Bush says that their should be middle ground on gay marriage at a local level to find solutions for both groups. He wants to let businesses express their religious freedoms against gays. However, he wants people to respect civil unions and same-sex lifetime commitments.