UFO Sightings and Chinese Spy Balloon Fiasco

Photo credit: japantimes.co.jp

Photo credit: japantimes.co.jp

Anthony Mimoso, OwlFeed News Reporter

On February 4th, 2023, what was said to be a “Chinese Spy Balloon” was shot down off the coast of South Carolina by a joint Canadian-American operation. Once the unknown object was striked down, it was immediately taken to an FBI laboratory in Quantico, Virginia. Just 5 days after the balloon fiasco, a UFO sighting was reported in Deadhorse, Alaska. The day after, another UFO sighting was reported in northern Montana, Wisconsin, and Michigan’s upper Peninsula. All of this craze going on in the US really has a lot of us scratching our heads. Are the UFO “sightings” legit? Why was China attempting to spy on the US Government? Let’s unravel through the recent chaos throughout America as of right now.

Photo credit: en.wikipedia.org

The unusual piece of Chinese spyware originally entered the US on January 28th, setting sail in Alaska. It wasn’t until February 2nd when US Government officials found out about the balloon and began to track the floating object. They found the balloon in Montana, and followed it all the way until it eventually made its way onto the east coast. Finally, as referred to earlier, the balloon was shot down two days later, by a US fighter jet. When government officials got their hands on the foreign object, they were stunned by its appearance.

Apparently, the balloon’s height was comparable to the Statue of Liberty and was about 200 feet tall. It came included with high-tech equipment that was able to collect communications signals and other sensitive information, as well as solar panels located on the metal suspension just below the balloon. Videos of the balloon have shown that it even had small motors built onto it, allowing China to actually maneuver the balloon to any location they pleased. It also weighed over a “couple thousand pounds”.

Photo credit: flickr.com

Just as we thought we were done with one of the wackiest incidents in US history, even more unidentified objects were spotted around the United States, but this time, people were led to believe these objects came from outer space? That’s right, another case of UFO sightings. As mentioned before, the sightings were made in Alaska, Montana, Wisconsin, and Michigan. Spoiler alert: These weren’t actually UFO’s. Shocker right? The unidentified “saucers” were shot down by US Military and Government Officials as soon as they were spotted. Even though they never recovered the objects when they were shot down, it’s safe to assure you no aliens or extraterrestrial beings emerged from the rubble.

The early drama going around the country really makes you think of the possibilities 2023 has in store for us. The US can’t seem to catch a break so prematurely into the year.