NFL Script Conspiracy

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Jorge Gonzalez, OwlFeed Sports Reporter

Imagine watching your favorite NFL team’s most important game of the season and the ending is something no one would ever expect. The immediate thought that could come to one’s mind is, “You can’t make an ending like this up” but the question is…or can you?

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For years theories on the professional football league (NFL) being scripted have gone through people’s heads, social media, and podcasts. Everyone had their theories about it, but there was never any proof, but there may be now. Shedding light on the topic, two photos leading up to the super bowl went viral. One is the exact score of the Super Bowl ending, showing 34-37 and the Philadelphia Eagles win. Now unfortunately, it was wrong ending people’s predictions, but what was extremely weird about it was that the actual score of the super bowl was 1 point off of the viral photo, 35-38 the Kansas City Chiefs winning. Now was this just a coincidence?

Focusing on the other viral photo now, it showed a list of teams that would win the super bowl listing from 2016 to 2026, and leading up to it they were all correct. Now photos can 100% be doctored but this photo came out around the beginning of the season predicting the Eagles would win the super bowl and in the postseason it definitely caught everyone’s attention as they were the most dominant team in the league. Now as the predecessor, this viral photo was also proved incorrect. But was it really?

In the final moments of the Super Bowl, a controversial penalty flag was thrown on the field claiming Eagles cornerback James Bradberyy IV held wide receiver Juju Smith on the Chiefs. This penalty flag was viewed by tons of analysts and was said to not have actually been a worthy flag, so why did they throw it? Perhaps to shut the script rumors up, or maybe it’s just another coincidence. But that wasn’t the only “coincidence” in that crucial play. After being reviewed by tons of analysts, something else was noticed in the background of the flagged play. Orlando Brown Jr., the Chief’s left tackle was seen holding Eagles defensive end Josh Sweat blatantly in front of the referee, so why wasn’t this called but the controversial hold was? Perhaps another coincidence.

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Now, these really all could just be coincidences as the referee’s performances this year were extremely horrid but after such coincidences two former NFL players actually came out admitting the NFL was scripted. One was Arian Foster, former Texans running back coming out on a podcast claiming “The NFL is scripted, they give you a script once you sign your contract, and in that contract, you sign to never speak about it” and he wasn’t alone in this. Another former running back Benny Cunningham also came out on Twitter saying “The NFL is scripted who wants the full story”and now this “full story” never did come out but two former players encouraging this conspiracy really doesn’t look too good for the NFL though CEO Roger Goodwell did come out frantically deny it numerous times.

Based on all this evidence I truly do stand behind the idea that the NFL is scripted.I’d love to believe it isn’t, but when coincidences start to add up like this it becomes evidence. What do you think?