Personality Predicted

Photo credit: Adriano La Naia

Photo credit: Adriano La Naia

Gabriela Leon, OwlFeed Opinion Reporter

Aries, Aquarius, Gemini, Scorpio, Taurus, Virgo, Cancer, Leo, Libra, Sagittarius, Capricorn, and Pisces. If you believe in zodiac signs then these complex words mean something to you, but if not, let me explain. The idea of zodiac Signs is that when you are born, the idea of what your personality will be is already predicted.  Do we still need this if it means the same as the sentence/question above it?

Aquarius is anyone born between the time of January 20- February 18th, and their personality is known as being sensitive, kind, and able to see the pattern in things that others may not. 

Aries are anyone born from March 21- April 18th they are known for being aggressive, passionate, confident, and motivated. 

Gemini’s are born May 21- June 20th, and are known for being two faced, playful, and curious. 

Scorpio’s are born between October 23rd- November 21st, They are known for their secretive nature and their Mysterious Personality. 

Taurus’s are born between April 20th, and  May 20th and their personalities consist of stubbornness, pride, sensitivity, loyalty, and reliability. 

Next, are Virgo’s, born between August-23 and September 22. They are logical, loyal, organized, and hard-working. 

Cancers are born on June 21-July 22 Cancers are emotional, nurturing, kind and Highly intuitive. 

Leo’s are bornJuly 23- August 22, They are oftentimes confident, comfortable, and love being the center of attention.

 Libra’s are bor  September 23 – October 22 Libra are typically comfy/ cozy extraverte,d and friendly. 

Sagittarius are bornNovember 22 December 21 , they are independent, fair minded, and intellectual. 

Capricorn’s are born from December 22- January 19th, they are more commonly known for their overachieving habits and their practicality and sensitivity. 

And lastly are Pisces’s, who are usually born between February 19- March 20th, and they are creative, imaginative, compassionate, and loving. 

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Now with all of this information comes the real question, are Zodiac signs actually something that inflicts on your actual life and personality?  Well, according to some research, there has been no scientific evidence that zodiac signs actually inflict on your personality. For example, half of the time, when people look up the personality of their sign they find out that it is just buried in vague disruptions that could be a description of anyone. Multiple people have stated that going into the field of astrology they lack evidence. So why if it’s not true do people still believe in them? Well, the short answer to that is people have no way of knowing what the future will be. The future is unpredictable and scary and people seek a way to find refuge in what they don’t know. So a common reason for zodiac signs is most likely to help people get through their life knowing that nothing is predictable nor predetermined. But with these zodiac signs it gives people a place of comfort thinking that it is. And who knows even though scientists don’t know if it’s real or haven’t gathered any proof yet doesn’t mean that people don’t have their fate predetermined and maybe in some non-explained way, everyone’s personality is somehow predetermined and predicted.