Does Screen Time Have an Affect on Students?


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Carolina Garcia, OwlFeed Opinion Reporter

Screen time always puts students at risk in many ways, such as getting in trouble, getting technology taken away, and losing work time. Any kind of screen time you have is always going to create problems. I want to not only talk about how I feel about what screen time can do for us, but also how screen time doesn’t impact teens or even adults.  First, I kinda want you guys to know what it’s like to have a problem with what screen time can do. 

Being close to a screen doesn’t matter if it’s a phone or computer or anything it can put your health at risk. Another thing is that when it comes to school or maybe even work, if phones were to be out at those times, there would be consequences to them such as: you will get your phone taken away, and maybe parents/guardians are called, and if the phone is used at the wrong time at work, maybe you’ll get fired or get a warning. It’s important to know when screen time should be available appropriately. 

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Screen time hurts children, such as being linked to psychological problems. Those chances can create a high rate of anxiety and can affect their health, like their sleeping and a higher rate of obesity. If a child has too much screen time, it can cause a conduct disorder. Not only can a child get a disorder, but it’s highly recommended that a child can lose the slack of their behavior. In other words,  they are most likely to play video games, watch YouTube, or do any type of thing involved with screen time. One thing people say, mostly adults, is that screen time takes away the physical barriers to social connections who find it hard to make friends out in the world and maybe even special needs can be involved too. Having to spend screen time can have a big effect on children by taking away their learning such as kids not being able to learn the ability to read faces/ learning social skills.  Prolonged screen time can cause eye strains and vision problems such as digital eye strains. That causes the eye and head to feel weak. Not only that, but you start to weaken your emotional judgment.

In this part, I wanna start talking about how screen time can help children instead of having a big impact on children and teens or any adult. So first, I want to start by saying screen time can help children such as maybe having or teaching them how to develop problem-solving or maybe using their communication skills. Those children can get those or any type of ideas off of the screen. The way that kids can improve their skills is by taking photos,making videos, using maps online, and maybe other apps. That’s why it’s important for adults to have their kids spend a little time on their technology and practice more of their learning. 

It’s also a good way to communicate with friends and others. Screen time is not always a bad thing for many people’s health, it can be very helpful to many of them. I think people should stop worrying too much about why it’s bad and maybe just limit each kid and set a time limit that a child can spend on any technology. Not only that but in school phones should be kept at home or put away during learning time.