Grey’s Anatomy at it’s Finest

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Evianna Wright, OwlFeed Opinion Reporter

“It’s a beautiful day to save lives.” An amazing quote from one of the main characters in Grey’s Anatomy, who died in season 11. Despite the death of Dr. Derek Shepherd, this was still one of the best seasons for many reasons, following seasons 5, 6, and 14. 

Greys Anatomy: A drama series based on doctors who go through emotional and physical challenges but one of the seasons that represents that is season 5. `During season 5, there were ups and downs. One of the biggest heartbreaks in season 5 was when Geroge O’Malley died. He had gotten hit by a bus. Geroge O’Malley was a sweet, funny, caring guy. He wanted to go into the military and help people. He was going to be a trauma surgeon. George was fast in thinking and thought 10 times ahead. His life was sadly taken away from the show but was brought back in a flashback in season 17. It was so exciting and happily sad. 

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Continuing one of the greatest seasons is when Meredith Grey and Derek Shepherd got married. Meredith Grey was never the married type or the puffy white dress bride everyone else was. Derek had first proposed to her, but then Derek got depressed, left work, and threw her ring. Once Izzie was officially diagnosed with skin cancer, Meredith brought her scans to Derek. He had then gone back to work to do surgery on Izzie. Then Meredith and Derek planned a big wedding. They decided to just go to city hall and get married, but something happened, and they didn’t get to. Here comes one of the best parts when Derek and Meredith get married on a post-it. They even wrote their vows. One of the most ICONIC parts of grey’s anatomy. Meredith had always kept that post throughout her whole life.             

 Continuing the series following season 6, Season 6 is when the “Mercy Westers” showed up to Seattle Grace. Jackson Avery was introduced into the show as one of the greatest characters. He at first wanted to be a heart surgeon. Always was fighting with Cristina Yang to get into surgeries etc. Along with Jackson Avery coming along, April Kepner as well came into the show, which is why this season is the best. Season 7 is when “Japril ” started. They began to get a little chemistry and started to get feelings. They have always been best friends. Later on, in the show is when they started actually to date. That led to marriage and them finding out they were pregnant, but sadly their baby Samuel had a disease that was causing his bones to break. They sadly lost him. It was extremely heartbreaking for them. Which led them to divorce. Before they divorced, April found out she was pregnant with their now-baby Harriet.  Although following their later relationship, they found each other again and reconnected their love. They’ve always had ups and downs, but their relationship proves the quote, “Right person, Wrong time”

Lastly, finishing off the greatest medical show’s best season would have to be 14. There were a lot of things going on this season. One of the biggest things was April Kepner and Arizona Robbins leaving. As well as Amelia Shepherd bringing in and taking care of a teenage drug addict named Betty. This was a big deal for Amelia because she had lost a baby because her baby was born with no brain. He lived for 43 minutes. She got to hold him until she felt him let go. Which made her start her drug addiction. So she is now caring for someone with the same thing she had, and it’s a big deal for her. Seeing that was impactful and spreads awareness, which everyone should support. Returning to April  leaving, she’s been in the show for a long time. April had her reasons for leaving, but one of them was that she wanted to help homeless people with medical care. Which she and her now ex-Matheww had been doing voluntarily. April has been through a lot and she always came out of it and made people proud. She deserves to be doing everything she ever wanted to do. Grey’s anatomy is truly a sad and happy show. It shows you lessons and talks about real-life issues. We can now say Grey’s Anatomy is the best medical show.