Words Come Into Play


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Zoe Perez, OwlFeed Opinion Reporter

Communication is important when you agree to step in and be in someone’s life. It’s a “ simple ” daily task that many people have to do to resolve an issue, most commonly needed in relationships but there are many sides to how people define “ communication ” and how it functions. Exchanging information and news is the normal definition but when it comes to relationships it involves more of sharing feelings, what they did to cause the conflict, and you don’t always have to blame someone, but communicating means understanding where the opposite person is coming from.

All around the world, communication is used, talking daily, expressing wants and needs, and selling big information; you’ll hear about “ How to break poor communication “, “ Breaking news, what body language says about you,” “ Quiz: what your communication technique says about you.” Everywhere and anywhere, communication is mentioned. It is all straightforward and simple, but words come into play when sharing something with someone and agreeing to be part of their life.

Relationships themselves are something you have to be sure about, people can always grow together and learn about one another. In reality, most people today still have trouble communicating with their significant others, and you’d wonder, well, why is that? Why isn’t it as simple as people say? The simple answer, everyone’s understanding is different. 

The more you try to study your partner’s way of communication the more you realize how different everyone is, and the more you try to understand the technique, depending on the person, it can cause overthinking. Overthinking is the most common outcome when trying to get better at communicating. If your significant other says something hurtful out of rage and out of stress, it will cause you to overthink. Whether they comment on your features, traits, or doings, the words can not be changed in the person’s mind, give yourself time before you give it to someone else.

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After interviewing two different individuals, everything adds up. Communication is needed. According to Rose Rivera, my close friend, when asked about how important communication is, she says, “ Because it creates a better bond with the person knowing how that relationship works.” A better bond leads to a better relationship, and a better relationship leads to lower overthinking rates. However, not all people may be comfortable spilling their fears with their partner. www.betterhealth.vic.gov.au has the idea that “If you are having difficulty expressing yourself, or talking with your partner about something, you might find it helps to talk to a counselor.” Most people might find this “betraying” or “unfaithful” to their partner. Fortunately, that is false, it’s not the end of the world when you want to get professional help when you need to spill your feelings. Your partner should understand it, and it isn’t your fault they feel like that. You just have to communicate.

As I talk to a lovely teacher about this topic, I bring up the question, “ are words better than actions?” The question has many different answers, but there is no right answer. She says that “ I do think that the actions you express are louder than words; talking is important, but you have to complete the action in order to prove you are saying it because you mean it”. When something is promised to a person no matter how little it is, being able to complete the task, it can build trust within the relationship.

Sometimes people think the relationship seems “ boring, “ but boring is healthy. That is because when someone is always used to the drama and toxics in a relationship, it starts to create a toxic bond. A bond that only the drama can build, but when the couple starts working on communication the toxic bond slowly dissolves and creates a new one; it’s new and normal to get used to it. Maybe that’s when you start to grow together.