The Sad Story of “They Both Die at the End”


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Ada Perez Lopez, OwlFeed Opinion Reporter

Adam Silvera wrote a book about two guys who happen to be each other’s soulmates till the end. As a reader, this book touched my feelings. It will always stay in my favorite reads. Mateo and Rufus are the characters that take over the spotlight of the book.

 It starts off with a male named Mateo, at night, he is hanging out in his room, and eventually, he gets a phone call from the death cast. Death cast is a company that calls other people to inform them they will die in less than 24 hours. When Mateo gets the news, he is devastated, now that his dad is in a coma and his mother died. Mateo will never get to see his father wake.

 Rufus is a guy with anger issues. The night Mateo was called from the death cast.  Rufus also gets a phone call from the death cast and thinks that the call is mistaken, but it is true.  Rufus remembers when his family got into a car accident, and as result, he was the only one who survived.

After Mateo and Rufus get the phone call, they both think deeply about what they will do in the next 24 hours. They both download an app called “last friend.” They both explore through the app and find each other’s profile.  They find themselves in a chat, and they start talking about all the wanders to do in their last 24 hours.  Rufus convinces Mateo to do all sorts of activities with him.  They met and did all the activities.

 The hours left for Mateo and Rufus were decreasing. They visited the club, and that is when they shared their romantic moment, their feelings were expressed to each other. In the end, Mateo invited Rufus to his house. Mateo played an instrument and sang a song to Rufus. Rufus was able to record it.  They both slept, thinking that they would spend their last hour together.  

Mateo woke up and wanted to make a drink for himself and Rufus, but little did Rufus know that when his hand touched the stove, he would end up in flames, his end day came to an end.

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Rufus was devastated, he woke up right after Mateo died.  He cried and screamed as the ambulance came.  Rufus was never ever able to see Mateo again, his lover and last friend. 

After Rufus left the hospital he became sad that the news of his last friend was the last thing he wanted to hear in his final hours. He walked and walked without his last friend,he pulled out his phone and went to the recording in his phone that he took of Mateo’s singing, he smiled as he walked and saw the recording of Mateo. Without looking up or around him, Rufus was met by a car.

After reading “They both die at the end” I started to slowly admire a true gay friendship and soulmates like Mateo and Rufus.  This book also brings me reminders of the friendship that I have with the only friends that make me feel happy on earth. This book was one of the books that I enjoyed reading the most, it had a lot of good examples of what a true friendship would look like.  When the second book came out in October, I remember that I was excited about it.  The second book “The First to Die at the End” was also really good because it had some chapters that also explain the backstory of “They Both Die at the End”.  I would highly recommend this book to anyone.