The Scream’s Movie History 1996-2023

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Scream Movies has been with us through thick and thin from 1996 to now, with a new movie coming out on March 10, 2023. Scream is a set of movies based on the same situation and with the same horror and mystery genres. In general, Scream is all about two people who kill individuals, leading the main characters to try and find out who they are. Now with all the Scream movies being the same, just with different characters and different points of the story, we’re going to go in-depth with each movie. We’re going to see actors’ perspectives on the Scream movies they played and what the Scream movies have been through. 

Scream 1 was the original and first-ever favorite movie, probably because other scream movies from the series can never surpass the original. Scream 1 was based on a true story of a man named Danny Rolling, also known as the Gainsville Ripper, who murdered five students. The industry needed to find a director for Scream after the script was finished, so they found Wes Craven, but sadly he turned it down until he figured out that Drew Barrymore would be in the movie. Wes Craven also felt like doing the movie because he stumbled upon a kid who said his movies were soft at a convention. Soon he realized that Scream would have changed that thought. Casey Becker, played by Drew Barrymore, the girl in the beginning scene, was supposed to play the main character Sidney Prescott until she changed her mind and ended up becoming the first victim for some unknown reason. The Ghostface voice was provided by Robert L. Jackson, who to this day has never met the actual cast of Scream due to Wes Craven trying to make Robert sound scary to the cast,and so he doesn’t lose that scare factor. The Ghostface mask and costume were hard to get since the script only said “a ghostly white mask” until Howard Berger of KNB EFX sketched ideas for the mask until it was declined since it was grotesque and goblin-like to be taken seriously. Luck came around until they were finding locations for the movie and found a perfect mask in a bedroom. They didn’t use the mask and had to custom-make the mask by KNB, which was used in some scenes of the film. Wes Craven finally got the original mask after a long search by the company of “Fun World” which is a small New England company and Allen Geller, the CEO, only demanded two things to get the mask, one to put the company in the credits and two Send $100 dollars. 

Throughout the movie, we saw a reporter known as Gale Weathers played by Courtney Cox, and a cop known as Dwight ‘Dewey’ Riley played by David Arquette. With these characters, the actual actors started to date and eventually got married on June 12, 1999. In the scenes and a couple of other scenes in the movie, we meet Gale Weathers and Camera man named Kenny, who is played by W. Earl Brown, who put on 20 pounds to play Kenny since the script was Gale Weathers insulting him with fat jokes.

Scream 2 is the sequel to the first Scream movie in 1996, and it was released less than a year after the first one since the script was already done and production had started. Scream two was a mess to set up because, since the script was already made, it eventually got leaked onto the internet and ruined the whole movie. This pissed Wes Craven so severely to the point that they had to make multiple scripts to confuse the fans. This movie did well at the box office, not too good though, mostly because of the middle scene where the character Derek Feldman, played by Jerry O’Connell, is in a cafeteria and starts singing out of nowhere to express his love to Sidney. The actors hated that scene because it was so random even Jerry said he tried his best to prove he didn’t enjoy it and tried his best to get it over with. It also didn’t go too well due to the ending. One of the killers was Mickey Altieri, played by Timothy Olyphant, who wasn’t in the movie for 45 minutes before the reveal. 

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Scream 3 was supposed to be the final movie for the Scream series to organize a trilogy. Scream 3 was also hard to make from the actors since their scripts were constantly changed, and it was hard to study them. Like Scream 2, it didn’t go so well, especially for the third movie doing worse than the second and first movies. The movie introduces a voice-changing machine where it allows the killer to mimic another person’s voice. This machine was dumb to add since, at that time, technology wasn’t that advanced for it to be in a realistic movie. Another dumb scene is where Gale Weathers finds Roman Bridger, who is played by Scott Foley, dead and checks his pulse to see if he’s alive or dead. This scene was so dumb because Roman became the killer in the end, even though his pulse was checked. 

Scream 4 was the most unnecessary movie ever to be released, mostly because the series was supposed to end in the 3rd movie. This movie mostly came out because 11 years later after the third one, horror had completely changed to a new era and the directors couldn’t help, but make another Scream movie. Scream 4 was also the last movie that Courtney Cox and David Arquette were ever married until they divorced in 2012. Scream 4 was also the last movie that Wes Craven ever made since he died on August 30, 2015. 

Now finally, Scream 5 was made in 2022 and its main purpose was just to connect the legacy characters to a new cast. Making old actors of Scream 1 come back for Scream 5 was a way to connect a whole new generation to Scream. However, the last movie that Sidney Prescott, played by Neve Campbell, will be in since she stuck with the series for years. The last final point of the movie was to honor Wes Craven, the original director for all 4 Scream movies, and they honored him by adding him to the credits, having a character named after him, and finally having a teenage party thrown after his name. 

We finally come to Scream 6, which takes a completely new path from all the other movies; instead of taking place in a town with houses and schools, it takes place in New York. This movie also now uses the most famous actor up to date, Jenna Ortega, since in Scream 5 she was barely used because she was unknown at the time until she played Wednesday in the hit show Wednesday on Netflix. Scream 6 came out March 10, 2023, and it will only use a portion of the legacy characters because it wants to focus on the new cast, then the old ones. 

The franchise will now be continued with newer characters and actors, and with some older actors leaving the franchise, since they stick with it through so many years. I expect the franchise to be more intense, since we have better cgi and better tech to make the movies more intense and realistic.