Horror Games in a Blocky Style



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Mushroom Ritchie, OwlFeed Lifestyle Reporter

Horror games, you either love them or hate them. Whether you play them yourself or watch gameplay by your favorite content creators, they have been really popular recently. There are more and more horror games and updates to pre-existing horror games. Some of these games are on a popular platform called Roblox. If you don’t know what Roblox is, it’s a gaming platform that’s free to download and play, you can customize your avatar and play with friends. There are thousands of games on Roblox, from Tycoons to roleplaying games, even simulators. But one of the most popular categories right now is horror games.

Doors is by far one of the most popular games on Roblox right now, more especially with its most recent update. The game is based in a hotel full of entities and dark rooms at every turn. Some rooms require the player(s) to find a key or lever to progress. You can buy items in the elevator before starting the game, you can buy a flashlight, lighter, vitamins, or lockpicks for doors with locks, or with the update, you can use the lockpicks on locked chests. The game currently has 100 doors, with doors 50 and 100 being boss levels. The monsters and entities include Rush, Screech, Seek, Halt, Figure, Eyes, Ambush, Dupe, Glitch, Hide, Snare, Jack, Timothy, and Void, plus some extra creatures and secret entities. I could go on and talk about this game for a long while, but it’s not the only Roblox horror game so I’ll just be doing a brief rundown of the main entities seen throughout the game. 

The most common encounters are from Rush, Screech, Timothy, and the new update, Dupe. Timothy does the least amount of damage out of all the monsters and entities with the least likely chance of killing you. Timothy shows up every once in a while when you’re looting drawers for money or items, Timothy is a spider that jumps out at you and takes a sliver of your health that can easily be healed with a bandage. Screech is also a creature that won’t take your whole health bar upon attack, he appears in dark rooms after his audio cue “shush”. If you hear the shush, turn around and look up and down to find him and look at him, if you don’t, he will snack on you. Screech is an almost spider-like creature covered in ink with glowing white eyes and a huge smile. Screech takes a little less than half your health with a single bite. Rush is an entity that appears when the lights flicker. If you catch the lights flicker, chances are that Rush is coming, you can also listen for his audio, the closer he is, the louder. When you hear him, hop into a closet until he passes. Another Entity that’s similar to Rush, is Ambush. His audio is different and he doesn’t just come around once, he usually comes 3-5 times. When you hide in the closet, quickly hop out and back in before he returns to escape meeting Hide. Hide appears when you stay in a closet for too long, if you see your screen start to show red and flash words across the screen saying “Get out”, hop out of the closet before you’re forced out and lose health. Halt, along with most of the other entities, appears at random. If you go through a door and you find yourself in a long dark hallway, start running. Halt will follow you and tell you to turn around until you reach the end of the hallway allowing you to get out. In this situation, like with other entities, you can die if you mess up and get caught. There are lots of other monsters and entities that have been covered on YouTube by SuperHorrorBro.

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Another Roblox horror game that I enjoy is 3008. 3008 is based on the 3008 SCP known as the infinite Ikea. You can use anything in the store to build a base, you always get 2-5 nights before the workers start to arrive. During the day, the workers are harmless but when the lights turn off they start to come after you. You can push the workers to get a head start at running away, they can also learn to climb. During red moons, the workers move faster and can’t be pushed, during foggy days, the workers come for you as if it was night. The game can go on forever, it doesn’t have an end so you can play for hours. It’s definitely more of a multiplayer game seeing as how you’re given building materials and food scattered around the map. Build a base together or see who can make a better base, either way, it’s more fun with friends. 

Another fairly simple and easy-to-play game is flee the facility. In this game, you play with other people, one person is the “beast” and the rest are survivors. Before being loaded into the match, players are given 3 map choices to choose from. From the airport to the backrooms, there are a handful of maps to play on. When playing the game, survivors have to run around the map looking for computers to hack, if you mess up, a signal is sent out for everyone to see, including the beast. The objective is to find and hack all the computers and escape before you’re found by the beast. Playing as the beast you’re given a giant hammer, you have to find the players and put them in “containers” and wait until they freeze and get sent out of the match. The players can easily be freed from the containers, there are broken vents that the survivors can crawl through to get around without being captured. There are also windows that you can jump through to avoid the doors, it does however slow down the beast. There are some hiding places for the survivors throughout certain maps, cabinets, hidden spaces, and such. 

Without a doubt, Roblox horror games are really popular with some having players actively playing 24/7. There are plenty of other horror games on Roblox such as; Forgotten Memories, Apeirophobia, Us R Toys, and much more. A lot of the horror games you can find on Roblox are completely original ideas with some having the exception of being based on popular franchises. Nevertheless, these games are fun and have some great graphics. If you’re into horror games, these would definitely be worth checking out.