What Episode Is This?


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Zoe Perez, OwlFeed Opinion Reporter

Being caught in an episode isn’t like being caught in your favorite TV show. All at once, all human emotions rush in for a moment of time. You are caught in an episode of a movie, watching yourself act out in it. People have suffered from all kinds of episodes over the years, where they feel disconnected from their surroundings like a walking zombie roaming around waiting to get in touch with their life again. It might seem like any other small “disappointing” meltdown or just a small cry, but if anyone is ever in the position of starting to experience episodes, it’s definitely the type of episode you should focus on.

Psychotic episodes are caused when you are diagnosed with them. Then people start to realize they have them, that is when it most likely happens. The prefrontal cortex, specifically the amygdala, also known as the fear center, is triggered when the person cannot tell the stressors they are dealing with, which causes them to be out of control. Psychosis, the term that describes when a person loses touch with reality, with their surroundings, and takes up their point of view. A fair number of people experience psychotic episodes, but people are more likely to recognize “ nervous breakdowns,” this happens when someone is having a hard time with their life. Depression is the main cause for feeling detached from surroundings, this includes a big wave of sadness overcomes them, according to https://www.nhs.uk/, “some people with depression also have symptoms of psychosis when they’re very depressed,” psychosis is more said to be an effect of something like “schizophrenia”, however, everyone can experience these symptoms where they feel detached because of a stressor. Most people argue that this is hard to bring up, and it is. A lot of adults do not take this seriously because it is just known as “ stress” and to them, their kids shouldn’t be stressed because they have nothing to be stressed about. Parents and their kids having a communication barrier could be the cause of one of many mental problems. 

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After speaking with a Agua Fria health teacher Ms. McCarthy, she explained briefly both of these situations that are caused by mental disorders, and/or stressors. It’s been brought up that sometimes it’s a fight between you and your brain. Ms. McCarthy says that, “The problem is the brain wants you to deal with the emotion so it will cause additional feelings/emotions/problems (and they usually get bigger/harder) until you are forced to deal with the emotion.” Your brain wants the opposite of what you want and do, your brain wants to deal with emotions, but you want to hold them in. The brain adds all these emotions so you can hear them and eventually deal with the problem.  

After all, thoughts are just visitors. They can come and go, maybe stay for a while, which can cause anxiety at times, you just have to hear them out, acknowledge them, and let them go. Don’t spend the rest of your life ignoring these feelings when they are meant to be validated.