Why You Should Never Read Natasha Preston


Photo credit: Ada Perez

Ada Perez Lopez, OwlFeed Opinion Reporter

Natasha Preston is an Author who wrote “The Cellular” One of New York’s Bestselling Authors. Most of her books are full of mysteries, her readers love her books very much especially “The Cellular”.

As a reader, in November of the year 2022, I found myself reading a book from Natasha Preston. The book “The Twin” had the most plot twist of them all.

“The Twin” was a book that changed my life. “The Twin” is about two sisters who happen to be twins going through something very rough. The main character Ivy moved back into her old school that she used to go to. While the other sister, Iris moved towns and schools. Ivy and Iris lived separately when their parents divorced. Iris lived with her mom, while Ivy lived with her dad. Iris moves back in town with Ivy and her dad. Ivy tries to help Iris all she can because Iris moved towns and doesn’t live with her mother anymore which is way more harder for her.  

A little further in the book, Ivy starts to notice that Iris is acting suspicious, and that she is behind all the hate that the students are giving to Ivy. Everyone turned against Ivy because of her twin sister, all along Iris wanted what Ivy has. Till the end we find out that Iris is very manipulative and she is behind her mother’s death Ivy finds out with the help of Iris’ old friend, Kat. Iris killed both her mother and Kat, Ivy is very upset with what Iris has done. Ivy tries to expose Iris but she ends up being arrested due to Iris’ lies. Even if someone tries to expose the manipulative Iris, there is no way Iris will let that happen.  

Photo credit: Ada Perez

After I read “The Twin” by Natasha Preston, I noticed that her books have the worst plot twist. I guess Natasha loves thrillers and since she is the Author she wants to turn upside down. Instead of a happy ending, her books have the most unhappy endings ever. 

The Reason why I may not ever read Natasha Preston again is because of her book “The Twin”. Iris the manipulative character in this book is one of the reasons that this book made a very great plot twist. While I was reading this book, I started being concerned about Iris after many accidents happened. Out of everyone Iris would act the most innocent, and she slowly transformed herself into Ivy. Stuff like this makes me go against Iris. Ivy worked very hard to get her scholarship and to have the life that she had. Until Iris took that away with her just a piece of manipulation, Ivy had lost everything. Ivy did deserve better, the more I was reading the more I hoped that Iris would get what she deserves to be exposed. It ended up being the complete opposite.

The other book that I read from Natasha Preston “The Fear” also had a bad plot twist, it was a thriller. After reading her books, I noticed that Natasha likes to play games as an Author. Her plot twists had me staring at a wall and thinking everything through. To me, Natasha Preston is the best plot twist maker that I have ever read.